Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Just a game?

Recently a lot of dismissive comments have been made towards those taking their SL a little too seriously along the lines of "it's just a game."

But really, Games are often the things people are willing to kill for. While business is often referred to as being "cut throat", leisure activities can have less than fun consequences as well.

Ask Andrés Escobar. Well you can't he's dead. He was a former Columbian Football (soccer) player who infamously scored an own goal during the 1994 FIFA World Cup series. He's widely believed to have been killed for that mistake.

Earlier this year Darrent Williams, former player for the Denver Broncos was shot and killed hours after his team was knocked out of the Super Bowl playoffs. Police are still investigating but have not confirmed motives, though a gang related killing seems to have been ruled out.

I'm sure most of you also remember hearing about the South Korean man who died from heart failure after a 50 hour session online playing Starcraft.

Let's not forget the long running cry that Dungeons & Dragons or Grand Theft Auto III or probably even Hello Kitty are responsible for people going out and killing other people.

Then there are the less fatal varieties. Tonya Harding anyone? Or how about Wanda Holloway?

And if anyone has ever had the misfortune to see the antics of some parents during a Saturday junior sporting event, you'll know that the game IS their life.

I know I probably spend far too many hours online than are good for me, but I often wonder, when people say it's just a game I know they're meaning it's supposed to be something like hearted and fun, but do they know what they're really saying?

Like a game of monopoly with teenagers. Yeah that's SO much fun.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Schpooky Steelhead

Friday night was big night for Steelhead with a good crowd turning up for the dance and several prize awards being given out.

Miss Lumina picked up the award for Steelhead's Spookiest House, while yours truly won the pumpkin design competition.

An impressive array of outfits was sported during the night.

Blood fountains and pumpkins and black and orange cake!

That's me in the middle of the picture. No, look again. There's no way of making your AV's skin transparent in SL but this is a good second.

My dear lady wife shows her true self inner demon

Krystine Qinan as the stuff of Eva's nightmares with Remington Pinion in the background in his "lawyer" suit.

A couple who stayed only briefly, but had a lovely matched costume as Jack & Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas

AzA's impressive zombie

Eladrienne's "The Death of Tinies"

Tensai as the Scary Sheriff

Fuzz as the Scary Sim Manager

Lunar and Soulie

A lovely Princess Lily ensemble by a lady whose name I've sadly forgotten

Her Grace of Loch Avie and Hotspur O'Toole

The Duke of Murdann opts for a more Paganistic presentation, while Exrex Somme grooves as the Green Arrow

Miss Weatherwax finally manages to rez for the evening.

National Inventory Week

I've arbitrarily decided that this week will be National Inventory week.


Because I know my inventory is sadly in need of some housekeeping. I also know that many other people have inventories that make the current state of mine seem like the Pinnacle of Order.

So each day this week, try and put aside an hour for inventory sorting.

*Discover the joy of subfolders.
*Be descriptive in your names for them
*Be impressed that you can rename those textures to something other than "Metal 0274"
*Let go of the multiple "objects" you hung on to from your first build aaaaages ago
*Sort through your freebies: do you really need 7 jester hats?

Do your bit to make Organised Chaos that little bit more organised.

This message brought to you by the "I know I had it here somewhere but I can't remember what I called it" Confederation.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Last month on the Caledon forums, discussion started about how the addresses on the old Monopoly board no longer reflected the modern property fashions (St Albans is new Mayfair in Monopoly.

From there the suggestion of a Caledon Monopoly set was raised. Obviously someone has taken the idea to heart.

The dice are physics enabled so you can roll your numbers around the board.

Hat tip to Mr. Lindsay's exceptional work


Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Wulfenbach's Caledon Embassy opening

Saturday was a very long night with the opening of the Wulfenbach Consulate in Caledon Kittiwickshire.

For those unfamiliar with Baron Wulfenbach I would direct you to one of the most amazing comic creations I have ever had the privilege to read, Girl Genius. Other denizens of Girl Genius have turned up in Caledon in the past, but the Baron has made an outpost in Caledon.

A selection of tunes was provided by Frau Lowey (who has an unhealthy obsession with Thomas Dolby it must be said) and the Duchess of Carntaigh and a small furry Emperor coordinated the DJing duties for the night.

AT 8 hours I think this is possibly the longest Radio Riel gig ever undertaken.

Through the course of the morning we managed to have attendees from many different time zones

Emperor Krosp I as half of the DJ team for the night

Baron Wulfenbach grooves to the music

The forecourt of the Embassy with revellers and lightning coming from the sky.

Sadly I was rather distracted with DJing duties and the conversation (which was going all over the place) to remember to take too many pictures.

But it was a great night and much fun was had by all

Monday, 22 October 2007

Science Fiction, Double Feature

Friday night was Steelhead's Science Fiction theme dance. With many other events on that same night, the turn was small, but it was fun all the same.

Your truly in a Freman Still-suit.

My dear wife doing her best Princess Leia slave girl outfit

Steelhead's Manager, TotalLunar Eclipse as one of the Transformers

Miss Laval, Editor of The Anvil, as Kang (or possibly Kodos).

Maev Ceawlin in a Star Trek uniform of Enterprise vintage I believe

Miss McLeod in an outfit of her own devising.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Happy Rez Day to Meeeeeeee!

Has it been a year already?

Saturday was the 1st year anniversary since my arrival in Second Life. As was pointed out I am one of the few (possibly one of only two) who had heard about Caledon before I was part of SL and came in specifically FOR Caledon, rather than someone who came to SL and was lucky enough to discover Caledon afterwards.

In that time I have met some wonderful people, many of whom I am proud to call my friends.

And parties are special with friends!

A pavilion set up by my favourite Brother-in-Law, decorated by my dear wife and music provided by my dear friend (and distant cousin) The Duchess of Carntaigh.

Dancing over what became nicknamed the "Drool Pool" after a song by Robbie Williams followed by one from Kylie Minogue.

Mr. Hassanov had to run off so we sent out a relative to help him find his way back.

The die hards partying on till the wee hours of the morning.

Additional images from Her Grace of Loch Avie

My sincere thanks to all those who stopped by to wish me well, and for the gifts, and for helping to make my first year in Caledon a most memorable one. Here's hoping there will be many more.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Because we can can can!

Moulin Rouge night was a great success. The first function in the rebuilt saloon, and what an impressive venue it is. Certainly evoking the ideal of a prosperous boomtown.

With red lined curtains and marble pillars the burlesque feel was complete.

DJ & Jukebox? Fuzz & Mr. Hassanov cast their eyes over the dance.

I went for a look inspired by Harold Zidler. Finding a red tailcoat in SL in next to impossible. I may have to do one of my own.

My beautiful Christine

Mr. & Mrs. Decosta inspire some pizazz

Another stylishly dressed visitor to Steelhead who's name I didn't catch.

Of course the Daleks had to put in their appearance

Tensai & Hermione Pennyfeather

Miss Projects shakes her gears

Monday, 15 October 2007

Oktoberfest finishes in Neualtenburg

By official request of the Kaiserin of Neualtenburg, yours truly closed up the Oktoberfest festivities. So Tuesday saw me dig the lederhose out from the wardrobe and head over to Marketplatz.

I started out with some traditional Oktoberfest tunes with assorted polkas and music from the Bavarian Oktoberfest Orchestra. Then as I started on the more contemporary music the requests came in an the playlist went out the window. Music ranged from Falco to ABBA to David Hasselhoff to Nina & Mike to Rammstein to Weird Al. Certainly a strange music evening and great fun!

Mer Majesty sports a novelty viking helmet for the evening.

Myself and Lady Gustafson, polka away.

Assorted revellers

Lady Primbroke dances on while the Duke of Murdann and Miss Laval polka.

Hotspur O'Toole dances and Frequency Picnic's beavers

Friday, 12 October 2007

HMVS Cerberus

Since everyone is going a bit potty over ships and boats of late I thought I'd post some information about one of my locals, the HMVS (later HMAS) Cerberus.

1- Launched in 1868, Cerberus is the only remaining Monitor (the first generation of modern battleships) left in the world.

2- Preceding HMS Devastation by almost three years, Cerberus was the first British warship to dispense completely with sail power and to incorporate the shallow draft.

3- Cerberus was the first, and is the only remaining example, of a Monitor having a central superstructure.

4- The design for Cerberus was the first in the world to incorporate the combination of a central superstructure with fore and aft gun turrets.

5- Cerberus is the only substantially intact surviving warship of any of Australia's pre-Federation colonial navies.

6- Cerberus was the flagship and most powerful warship of the Victorian Navy. In addition she was the most powerful warship of any of the Australian Colonial Navies and was the first armoured warship built for Australia.

The ship was scuttled in 1926 to form a breakwater in Half Moon Bay. There it sat as a fishing point and later diving spot until 1993 when decades of rust caught up with it and it suffered a partial collapse.

There is an active movement to have the ship salvaged and ultimately restored.

More information can be found at Friends of the Cerberus

Thursday, 11 October 2007

An excellent blog discovery!

Many thanks to JJ Drinkwater for passing on this intriguing aetheric journal:

Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century

Wonderful stuff!

Caledon Hallowe'en House competition

The rules are simple.

1. Decorate your home in your favourite Halloween decorations.

2. Send me (Edward Pearse) a notecard with your name, a LM of the property and a little description no later than the 21st of October.

3. A notecard of all houses in the competition will be made available to Caledonians.

4. Caledonians lodge their votes for their favourite house by 27th of October.

5. In the event of a tied vote, I have the deciding vote.

Winners will be announced on this blog and contacted directly to receive a prize of L$2000 and a prize plaque.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Heroes & Villains

Friday night saw an impressive array of outfits for Steelhead's Heroes and Villains theme.

Dia as The Rocketeer

Lunar as Sonic


Hotspur O'Tool in one of many costumes he cycled through on the evening

CeAire Decosta as a Jedi

Hawc Decosta as a Superman with an interesting belt buckle

Christine as Poison Ivy

A Flaming demon

Fuzz trying to figure out what lurks in the heart of men

Baron Wulfenbach as Bill Heterodyne. Nice touch :-)

Yours truly in an Iron Man outfit. I love this AV and it's proven quite inspirational.

Thanks to Miss Cornelia for this shot of the X-Tinies!