Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Last month on the Caledon forums, discussion started about how the addresses on the old Monopoly board no longer reflected the modern property fashions (St Albans is new Mayfair in Monopoly.

From there the suggestion of a Caledon Monopoly set was raised. Obviously someone has taken the idea to heart.

The dice are physics enabled so you can roll your numbers around the board.

Hat tip to Mr. Lindsay's exceptional work



Eladrienne Laval said...

I must go see this! Brilliant!

Neb said...

Very nice! I hope there it will be "functional" at some point! It would be hugely amusing to play...

N N Peterman

I became Duchess of Kintyre said...

I went to see this after reading of it here. It is wonderful! Makes me wish the people who make Monopoly would consider making small lots of individualized games! what fun! Hope we can do an in world game soon.

L. Beaumont
Duchess of Kintyre