Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Babbage Travelogue: Babbage Square

Babbage Square was the very first of the New Babbage sims, arriving in January of 2007. Parts of it have been in almost constant change since then, others have not moved a prim.

There's a landing spot on the rail platform. A holdover from the days when every sim had a teleport hub. To the west is the New Babbage Transit Authority yards, where Mr. Cleanslate's old trams lie waiting for refurbishment.

Next door is the Excelsior Hotel. Rooms are available for those who want a base in New Babbage but can't afford their own Mad Science lab.

Abney Park Way looking east.

Oblonski Furniture. Not to be confused with Doctor Obelonsky

Coogar & Dark's Wax Museum. Named for the Carnival owners of Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Miss Lucille Trayvou's factory/home.

Some small brownstone houses just to the south of Abney Park Way

New Babbage's Town Hall in its fourth incarnation. Change is a constant. The building also contains the Mace of Olaf a symbol of the Authority of the City from times past. There's also a rumour that the one on display is a fake.

The Clockwinder's offices in the Town Hall

The New Babbage Athenaum  - Mr. Cleanslate's book burning depository.

The LOx Co. SBS Factory

Dyeworks Factory. Still listed as "Formerly P.Irate & Co. Factory and Warehouse" which is funny because P.Irate have not been in Babbage for YEARS.

Salazar Jack's Kahruvel Steamworks. The first building to land on the sim after it went active. The factory has taken some damage over the years and is a little smaller than it started out. Explosions will do that to you

Coffin-Maker & Joiners' Co-operative Society

Stonehill & Co. Undertakers. Behind them is New Babbage's Turkish Baths.

Dr. Kaligawa's Free Clinic, Hudson's Illuminations and 221B, the home of Sherlock Holmes.

Perdido Street Station, next to the Old Works Gallery.

The Old Imperial Theatre. Another of the long stayers in the Babbage Square sim. Hasn't changed much since it was built on the site.

Babbage's hidden opium den. Enter at your own risk

The Grand Canal, looking north

Boylai Plaza and the terminus of the Port Line tram.

The other side of Boylai Plaza.

What lurks behind Cobblestone House?

Cobblestone House, with some of Loki Eliot's wares for sale

The Dead Centre of Babbage. Ha! *ahem*. The New Babbage Cemetery.

Santos-Dumont Park

Aeolus Cleanslate's prefab factory shop.

The Rust Cog pub. Probably the oldest unchanged building in New Babbage.

Pennygaff Publishing and the Canal Street Tram Station

Loki's Absinthe Bar. Home of the green fairy

Mnenomotechnic Institute and Messenger Depot. Living quarters for the Church of the Builder

Talk Like a Pirate Party!

Radio Riel & The NeoVictoria Project present "Talk Like a Pirate!"

A live radio event to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Mr. Edward Pearse will Disc Jockey. There will be prizes for best in male and female costumes! Arrrgh!!!

Date: 19 September 2012
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm, Pacific-time (SecondLife-time)
Location: The NeoVictoria SkyClub in Second Life
SLUrl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NeoVictoria/17/128/1003

If ye can't make it in, tune in via Radio Riel Steampunk and dance a jig in the privacy of yer own cabin.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Breakfast in Babbage: Computers!

Shall we play a game?

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't allow that.

Join Edward Pearse at The Clarendon for more fun than you can poke 32kB RAM at.

8am to 10am Saturday 8th of September.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Babbage Travelogue: Port Babbage

To the west of Clockhaven the Port Babbage sim. One of the early additions to group of sims, Port Babbage has seen its fair share of change.
 The Port, with its piers ships and various crates littering the docks

The remains of the Rookwood Brewery. Rumour has it the owner was unable to meet his insurance payments and the place suffered a little "accident".

The rear of the brewery with its giant drinker statue.
 The front of the Rookwood Brewery before the fire started.

 The Steamboat Energy Co. Warehouse

 Mureaux Park, named for one of the city's former residents.

Miss Garnet's Whitby Tea Rooms, frontage to Front Street

The rear of the Tea Rooms with frontage to Watch House Run

Chav Paderborn's clothing shop

Clockwork Music's Emporium.

 Fisticuffs, recently rebuilt after an Air Kraken attack.

Miss Kembri Tomsen's The Curious Seemstress. Where most of my wife's money ends up :-)

To a T, a longstanding business in the Port

Portside Books, for a quiet night and a good read.

The Nautilus, now moored at the docks

Builds along Savory Street

Builds along Savory Street (II)

Mr. Serpente's house

Loner Lane, now under its fourth(?) Land Lord

Empty shops behind the Curious Seamstress. Mostly there to keep the lot from looking empty I suspect

The Port Babbage Bathesphere

Otenth Paderborn's giant greenhouse

 The Viewing platform (with stray tentacle)

Port Babbage Terminus. Holds the rental kiosk and connects the Port Babbage tramline with the Brunel Railway line.


The top of the Vernian Sea Lift

The Tunnels into the Vernian

And a very recent addition to Clockhaven - the Naval Yards of the Babbage Militia.