Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Update of sorts

I've been so busy procrastinating it's a wonder I've had time to do anything.

While out and about earlier in the week I had bumped into a rather diminutive Professor Avalanche who seemed to have forgotten the rules about putting natural fibres into hot water.

Shrank in the wash

Friday saw The Duchess of Loch Avie hosting a Tournament in conjunction with the Torvaldland sim.

There had been a kissing booth set up as a further part of the ubiquitous RFL charity. While Miss Paris's ability to raise L$40,000 for a single kiss was impressive, Professor Avalanche's efforts with Mr. Margulis were the funniest.

Alfonso and Erasmus snog

Later that evening the Torvaldlanders put on an arena combat display.

Seated Guests. (photo by Gabrielle Riel)

The Tournament begins (photo by Gabrielle Riel)

There was supposed to be an open entry for the Battle Royale finale, but sadly axes for the non-Torvaldlanders had been forgotten.

From there Miss McAllister and I headed off to the Steelhead dance where they were having a Monty Python theme. It's still funny no matter how often you hear it :-)

Saturday morning the Militia was in attendance for the briefing on the invasion of Neualtenburg

Briefing the Troops

The cunning strategy revealed

The Caledon Air Corps get their orders

Saturday saw the final Caledon Ball for the season. And it had been almost a month since the last one had been cut so tragically short.

Dressed for the Ball

This night was the SL DJ debut of Red Caliber who did an excellent job. He ended up confirming what has now been decided as a requirement for Radio Riel DJs by having the sim crash. We're looking at working out how to crash the sim for Miss Figaro's debut :-)

Sunday I managed to get Miss Tombola aside and we took some pictures of our Girl Genius inspired AVs.

Agatha Heterodyne: Girl Genius

Krosp I, Emperor of Cats

Krosp and his Loyal Subject Agatha (well she feeds him)

I was quite happy with the photos. Well have to get a few more people to do AVs and do a whole cast shot. Lord Bardhaven would make a great stand in for Klaus :-)

And lastly I'd like to mention the work by Madcow Cosmos. I first encountered this talented gentleman over a month ago and since then we've discussed Avatar building on a couple of occasions.

Giant mechanical dragon.

Steampunk Godzilla thing

Bone dragon AV


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Oh Edward! As I noted in Gabrielle's blog, Sir Tele and I were mortified that the axes were not delivered as promised by the weapon's creator. Many angry IMs later we discovered that the man's human had been very ill...and this was neglected.
I, too, was disappointed.
I promised to make it up to you somehow...
Perhaps we can take a field trip to Torvaldsland and let you spar in their arena with Sir Tele, Exrex, Hotspur, and Brutis Wandin.

emillyorr said...

Madcow! That was the gentleman's name with the very large steampunk robot!

You'd think a name like that would have stuck in my mind...

Christine McAllister said...

Have I told you lately how absolutely delicious you look? And let's not get me started on your wit, your charm and your intelligence!!! *sighs and runs for the drool bucket*

Corgi said...

Hello, Sir Edward!

Need to borrow your picture of Krosp, is that all right? Thanks! [scurries away without waiting]