Friday, 5 October 2007

Villain's base!

While out exploring sims I stumbled across what would be a perfect base for any aspiring villains or mad scientists.

Submarine? Check
Strange industrial type building? Check
Heavy use of things that go zap? Check

All it seemed to be missing was the obligatory underground tunnels!


emillyorr said...

Hmm, I may have to track that down...just what the budding mad scientist needs!

Elrik Merlin said...

I believe, Madam, that you will find this enclave around the corner from TracyLynne's Cannon emporium. I noticed recently that she has this seaborne model Nautilus not far from the main shop. The building, I believe, is Mr Kongo's impressive Metropolis structure with some interesting modifications and additions thereto. I am very much enamoured of the work of both individuals and am pleased to be an (airborne) Nautilus owner mine Self.

-- Elrik, Laird Brideswell at your service.