Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Because we can can can!

Moulin Rouge night was a great success. The first function in the rebuilt saloon, and what an impressive venue it is. Certainly evoking the ideal of a prosperous boomtown.

With red lined curtains and marble pillars the burlesque feel was complete.

DJ & Jukebox? Fuzz & Mr. Hassanov cast their eyes over the dance.

I went for a look inspired by Harold Zidler. Finding a red tailcoat in SL in next to impossible. I may have to do one of my own.

My beautiful Christine

Mr. & Mrs. Decosta inspire some pizazz

Another stylishly dressed visitor to Steelhead who's name I didn't catch.

Of course the Daleks had to put in their appearance

Tensai & Hermione Pennyfeather

Miss Projects shakes her gears