Tuesday, 25 September 2007

New Boston dance

Saturday night I went along to the formal ball being held at the New Boston sim. It was my first visit and I was lucky enough to be part of the tour offered by Mayor Dejavu. The sim is named for the English town of Boston rather than the Massachusetts city, though it still seems to have more in common with it's American namesake than it's British one.

The formal Black & White Ball was the second time that Radio Riel had played for an event in New Boston. I wasn't able to attend the previous event but the people seem very friendly.

Dancing with Mayor Dejavu

Dancing with Frau Lowey

Lady Gustafson, Radio Riel's hostess for the evening, dancing with

A clockwork girl, whose name sadly escapes me.

Had an excellent time at the ball. Afterwards Lady Gustafson and myself retired to Loch Avie for a little weapons sparring. After donning armour we traded blows for a while. I think I'm improving. I managed to actually win one of the five rounds! There may be hope for me yet.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Double McBurger, large McChips, oh and a diet McDrink

Steelhead's dance this week was the nicely original Fast Food theme.

For some reason I got it into my head that Ronald McDonald was the way to go. This was partially inspired by one of the former denizens of Steelhead, Mr. Keenly Valiant, but also something that I thought would be fairly easy. In hind sight Colonel Sanders may have been the simpler option but there you go. I think I looked at every clown costume on the grid (not that there are many) from the cheap Rodeo Clowns to one that was L$2000, none of which were what I was looking for anyway. I ended up deciding to make my own. Texturing was easy enough and that was all accomplished fairly well, though the hair was proving a problem. Thinking I could simply retexture an afro hairdo I again launched across the grid looking for hair, and again met with dubious little results. Ended up wondering if SLX might have anything. Bought a L$99 afro there that was mod/copy which I thought would be perfect. However the 200 prims it's made of brought me up short when I started looking at retexturing.

I threw together a single prim hair piece and headed over to the dance (time flies when you're building!) It was sparsely attended to start with but then the people started to arrive.

Steelhead's very own musical Sheriff was Frylock, complete with goatee. (I wonder if this means there's a "nice" version of Fuzz in alternate universe?)

Gelatinous wobbly thing, Miss Orr appears to have eaten Carmen Miranda. I don't think we ever established what flavour jelly she was.

Lunar as Meatwad. I believe this is from a comic of some sort.

Tensai as Master Shake. With a memorial portrait to Keenly to the left.

My McClown. He needs work but not bad for a couple of hours work.

Exrex Somme as some sort of Chinese Takeaway I think.

Frequency Picnic as something that you see very occasionally in fast food.

Mr. O'Toole as Fastfood Nation

I dropped in to the Rock Factory, now in the brand new sim of jazzers Paradise, to see Dr. Figaro for about half an hour. She was grooving her way through her favourite Jpop stuff. Managed to scare a few people by still being McClowned. Headed back to Steelhead just before it coughed towards the end throwing everyone out. But there was plenty of party vibes going so that even after Fuzz finished for the night, Tensai found a station on Sky FM broadcasting 80s stuff and a few of us kept on dancing.

Brilliant night and loads of fun as usual.

Friday, 21 September 2007

New Store for Victoria City

I am proud to announce the opening of Pearse'd & Cut's new store for Caledon Victoria City.

In addition to the usual array of quality menswear and accessories, a new map of the continent of Caledon has been surveyed and added to the Emporium catalogue.

Further surprises below the floor should be available in a matter of days...

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Gaels gone Wilde

Saturday night saw the last day of the Harvest Festival with the Highland Fling in Loch Avie. It was an all day even but sadly my time zone prevented my earlier attendance. Further delays occurred when I discovered that the playlist I had put together for the night had not saved as I thought. My good intentions of getting in world a little earlier were taken up by rebuilding the playlist.

I did manage to get in to compete in the open tournament for the Loch Avie Academy of Arms, having watched some spirited competition as I arrived. I took myself out of the first round, having lagged enough to have walked off the edge of the area (and started plummeting to earth) so I didn't think it fair to rejoin after others had already culled the numbers. I competed in the second round though and made it to the final 5 before being cut down.

Sadly I was so busy trying to stave off my attackers I forgot to take photos.

Then I had a mad dash to get Baron Wulfenbach's kilt finished, which I did just as the music handover from the Antiquity Ball went ahead. A rather mad half hour there :-)

Baron Wulfenbach's kilt is the purple one in the centre. To the left is one of the kilts commissioned by Her Grace of Loch Avie for Caln Belambi

Lots of tartans and swinging hips as the crowd enjoys a Scottish themed music selection.

I believe there were about 30 people or so in the sky that night

There was dancing with cabers, haggises, and assorted merriment. I ended up playing for an extra hour past the scheduled time. Great fun was had by all I think.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Racing in Murdann

High above the Duchy of Murdann on Saturday morning, His Grace played host to buggy races. I had missed the first race, but the next was between Miss Poppy in her seahorse powered buggy and His Grace in an AKK carriage.

Miss Poppy's seahorse was not liking the altitude, and was almost as slow as Hotspur's Hunly. This prompted me to make comments about getting around the track in a wheelchair. Which was taken up as a challenge.

Those little model A cars are rather zippy. Not having one myself I went for the mid-life crisis vehicle. All I needed was a blingtard in the passenger seat.

After that this just started to get silly.

You know it's not a good day when your steam elephant gets beaten by a Llama. Well done Lady Gustafson!

Hans, Knees, & The Wizard of Oz

Thursday night started with me setting up to DJ Mr. Writer's Septemberfest party, having only agreed to the night before and had a bit of a frantic gathering of appropriate music. But all seemed to be well received.

DJing in some rather short lederhose.

Colonel Somme and Lady Primbroke dance to one of the waltzes

Some more dancers, with Mr. Writer to the right in his own lederhose

I am unsure who this gentleman was, so foolproof was his disguise.

Friday night saw a change of pace with the Wizard of Oz themed dance in Steelhead, as part of the Harvest Festival.

Follow the Yellowbrick Road

Which will lead you to the Emerald City

Exrex Somme, awaiting his mail-order degree

Miss Katt, whose scarecrow seemed to have stuffing in different places.

Tensai as the good witch. Bwahahahahahahaha

The DeCostas as Emerald City residents

Aza Zimurgy as another scarecrow. Though the sort that I think American McGee would have produced

Hotspur O'Toole showing his mettle

Miss Emilly as a blonde Dorothy

My munchkin costume incomplete, I opted for the simpler "Emerald city resident" option.

Lady Primbroke (who proved rather difficult to photograph that night).

Miss Midnight, also in green.

Duchess Eva as Glinda, with O'Toole and Frequency Picnic behind her

Tensai showing her true colours: evil flying monkey (that flung poo)

Baron Wulfenbach as the (un)cowardly lion, and winner of best outfit for the night.

Miss Lumina's Dorothy.

All in all one of the more successful dances in Steelhead. Sheriff Ortega produced some excellent tunes and great fun was had by all, before we finally had to wake up and discover RL. *sigh*

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Four new Duchies for Caledon

The next four sims for Caledon have arrived.

The Duchy of Cymru, for His Grace Viderian Vollmar

The Duchy of Greystoke, for His Grace Gnarlihotep Abel

The Duchy of Nova Civis Caledon, which I believe will be without a peer.

The Duchy of Kintyre, for her Grace Lavendar Beaumont (with Major Margulis acting as Regent)

According to our dear Guvnah, the collective name for this southernmost landmass is Sculptie Isle

Harvest Festival events

The scarecrow entries for the harvest festival are in. There was even a last minute ring-in who was waaaay over the prim limits. I think AzA's hair by itself would be more that 30 prims.

Scarecrows in Steelhead.

This evening also saw the first day of the Caledon boat races. Sadly I was unable to make the first sail race due to delays with the Steelhead town meeting, but I was able to attend, and entered the second race of steam.

Some of the onlookers for the races.

Thanks to the Steamray Victory was mine.

With Hotspur O'Toole bringing up second place.

Lancers on Parade

The First Caledon Lancers (Loch Avie's Own) paraded through the streets of Caledon yesterday. The lag winds made riding difficult but in true style, we persevered to the end.

Assembling in Port Caledon to start.

Lined up for inspection in Loch Avie. L to R: Trooper Dean, Trooper Pearse, Colonel O'Toole, Trooper Gustafson, and Colonel Somme.

Her Grace reviewing the troops

A nicely turned out troop we were too.