Sunday, 30 June 2013

The New Babbage 2013 RFL Pub Crawl

At 2:00pm SLT a large group met inside the Rusty Cog, the oldest existing pub in New Babbage.

Doctors Watson and Kaligawa, and Mr. Holmes had prepared a handy route map for participants.

Starting off with about two dozen of us we immediately got a taste of things to come as Victor forgot which way to get to the next stop and we had a sudden AV jam on the edge of the tram lines. A brief stop at the Red Cat and we headed to Loki's Absinthe Cafe

The revellers reach Lokis.
 Once departing Loki's the group headed south to the Cafe de Paris, and then onward to Rub's Pub. From there west to The Merryman, a remnant of last year's RFL build.

The Merryman of New Babbage
West again into Wheatstone and up to the top of Piermont Landing.  As often happens the process of 20 odd avatars trying to cross the same sim border at once is bound to lead to some interesting side effects. One of the urchins reported finding a bustle left lying about. Scandal!

The Sneaky Vole - out in the open for a change.
 A rather long trek north from the Vole to Ahab's Bane, which had recently suffered a bout of flamingo. It seems to have fully recovered. A tricky manoeuvre up the circular stairs (difficult even when sober) and into the Rusty Pint, where many people discovered that a bar made for petites and tinies is difficult to get into for adult AVs. To cope I let my inner dropbear free. Then on to The Bucket.

Inside the Bucket of Blood.
 Difficult to spot but I'm the dropbear standing on the bar behind Jimmy, about to pull his hat down around his ears. A reviving coffee and Oddson's and a much needed food stop at the Codswollop Fish & Chippery and we were off again. A stop at the Rangoon Pandemonium Bar inside the Waxworks, and then onto the Brass Monkey.

Brass Monkey Pub
 Doing bar duties and correcting the proof reading in my giveaway bottles before heading off to the Mushy Gherkin Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin and then across the road was a brief sober stop.

The CocoaJava Cafe
 The Cafe is now on its third owner and has weathered the storms of SL ownership. Onwards into Clockhaven with a stop at Babbage's smallest pub, the Red Rum Cave (a remnant of Babbage's steampunk Mars build from a few years ago), and then down to the Old Brewery, followed by Vrai Vert and then finally to the Gangplank.

Ganplank Tavern
 By this stage a few of the revellers were having trouble walking straight and Doctor Watson had collected a traffic cone from somewhere and was wearing it as a hat...

The Porthead Tavern
 The crowd had thinned by the time we got to the Porthead Tavern and the conversation was getting green.

The Backroom at the Whitby Cat and Tea Yard
The final stop was the Lotus of the Sea, where all the participants where given their own copy of the map to keep for posterity's sake.
Apologies to those establishments who's picture I didn't take. I was distracted partway through with external business.
Congratulation to those who made the full crawl and well done those who came along for part of it anyway.
I think I'll just drink this bottle of water and some painkillers and stay in a dark room for a few days until the construction work stops.
What do you mean there's no construction work?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Breakfast in Babbage: Beach Party!

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere and surf's up! So dig out your beach umbrella and togs and remember that to a seagull, everything is MINE!

Join Edward Pearse at The Clarendon 8:00am - 10:00am June 8th for 2 hours of music that will get sand into places you'll only find out about after you get home.