Saturday, 21 July 2012

RFL for 2012

Another year sees the end of RFL. Either I'm mellowing out or the level of Rah Rah Rah around where I live and play has managed to get to levels where I don't find it a headache. Of course the debate has risen that the level of Rah Rah Rah around where I live and play has become passive rather than active but that's another debate and one my views are well known on.

While many want to wear their hearts on their sleeves and pour out Hallmark-card worthy stories, I've always appreciated the builds put together. This year's theme "Time for a Cure" saw the makers of sculpted hourglasses become wealthy overnight but sadly saw very few Robert Smith pictures (I only saw one). And mazes seemed popular this year. Go figure.

The New Babbage Clocktower

Which features dancing figurines that chimed the quarter hour

And an Orrery

And a day/month face

And some impressive gargoyle figurines

Better still the interior (which reminded me of Crossness Pumping Station) was an accurate working clock mechanism!

Lanterns for Life

Avillion's build

Cierra Anatine's exploding clockface

PHC for Life

An excellent maze garden, whose creator I sadly forgot to note

Devil's Reign Motorcycle group

Rathmeous Dagger and Alecto Vella built a VAST lab. Giant scale as shown by the track running through the middle of it.

Armada's sim build.

Cole Eyre's sim sized watch

Very simple build by The Fringe

Barnesworth Anubis's stunning memorial to caregivers and survivors

Aether Chrononauts team's roller-coaster clock

Alia Baroque's gorgeous seaside build. Atlantean Deco?

Lovely Egyptian build

Jalynne Ohmai's gorgeous designer build

More from Jalynne Ohmai

Amoreetto Breedable's build

This stunning build from Little Yoshiwara was almost perfect. The bamboo flute playing and the view. I wish I could take this build home with me.

Kingdom Between Two Seas gave us something like Barbie meets the Stepford Wives.

Harmony of Hope's recreation of New York's Times Square

Touched by Angels' creates a fairytale maze

I loved this Cathedral under construction from Walking Tall For a Cure

Caledon's Steampunk Genome Factory.

Advocacy to Awareness had a very Art Deco feel to their build

Raglanshire came up with a wonderfully fun build

With Anubunnies that followed you

And waffle pyramids

Which then moved into Steampunk

Complete with giant top hats

And on into the future

With spacesuited tinies on segways

The Fancy Pug Palace. Huge. As if a Russian themed casino was opened in Las Vegas and owned by pugs

Someone really likes pugs

Mieville Steampunks

Team Okie Dokie's build was fascinating. It only lacked a roller coaster car

Team Full Moon's lovely contemplative build

A Lewis Carol inspired build from Inspired Dreamwalkers. Including a maze.

I love the clock face on this one

Riders for a Cure present the biggest cogs in RFL

This 2 sim stunning creation from the Elf Circle team

The RFL Events pavilion was centred over the conjunction of 4 sims. Still lagged like hell

Breedables! I didn't realise there were so many

I not-so-secretly want a Meeroo shoulder pet. Not a breedable or anything just an animated shoulder pet. Someone make one of these now.

A lovely Asian build from a team whose name I missed

Searlait Nitschke's gorgeous build

Steelhead's impressive series of arches and clocks

The Passionate Redheads team build looked better in the dark. I'm sure there's a line there but I'll refrain

And the build from the Doctor Who Fans was brilliant.

That's it for another year. Some great builds as always. And as much lag as you can eat.