Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Hallowe'en

From your favourite dropbear.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

War of the Worlds 70th Anniversary broadcast

70 years ago this evening Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcast what would become one of the most infamous radio plays in history. Adapted by and written by Howard Koch, and famously directed by Orson Welles, it was originally broadcast on 30th of October 1938 and caused great controversy at the time (not to mention covering up the actual invasion by the red lectroids).

Join Radio Riel from 7 SLT tonight.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

An early New Year's Present

Wow, Linden Lab[s] seems to really know how to go about pissing off its user base.

Today they announced new measures for open source (void) sims. Not only will there be a 2/3 increase on monthly tier from $75USD to $125USD a month, but brand new ones will cost an extra 50% up from $250USD to $375USD.

Our Guvnah has said *wait and see*, though early indications from the emergency meeting held today show some valid fears.

Caledon is 20 open space sims out of 44. Antiquity has a significantly higher proportion. I know Steelhead was in the process of getting one and New Babbage has one as well. Winterfell certainly has more than half of its sims as open space.

I know I will have to think long and hard if it goes up by that much. With the exchange rate going through the floor I can't just pop in and buy some Lindens either. 3 months ago we were getting $1.00AUD = $0.96USD. This week the Aussie dollar buys $0.61USD.

Well I suppose for now it's "wait and see."

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Early London film

Footage recovered from Australia's National Film and Sound Archive shows scenes of 1904 London. Shot by early film-maker Charles Urban it was presented to Australian audiences as a travelogue for those who had never visited the "mother country" or who had emigrated previously.

The full 12 minute film was featured as part of the current London Film Festival.

More news stories related here and here.

*Hat tip to Mr. Dagger for the original notice.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Weird Al Birthday Celebration

Come along and celebrate the birthday of the world's greatest musician!

Biased? Moi?

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Monday, 20 October 2008

Babbage Masquerade

The social scene in New Babbage has been picking up of late and I was finally able to make it along to one of the events.

Set in a lovely courtyard Mr. Skusting Dagger and Miss Breezy Carver hosted an excellent night.

Myself and my dear wife won the Best Couple prize.

There was a stunning array of outfits on the night with people from quite a few of the steampunk themed nations in attendance.

Lag for the evening seemed to have been imported especially and after several hours there were still people who had grey prims to me. It was a fun night and congratulations to the other winners. I honestly don't remember who they were as I had about 3 groups and several individual chat windows open. Surely the sign of a good night :-)

Oh and a special hello to Miss Gigglebird. :-)

Friday, 17 October 2008

Coming soon to Radio Riel

With the completion of Nicol Williamson's version of The Hobbit, soon will start the exciting broadcast of the Space 1889 audiobooks.

First will be Red Devils.


"Are we or they Lords of the World?
And how are all things made for Man?"

Destination Mars!

In 1889, the ether ship Perbindesh approaches the red planet, her passengers an assembly of the great and the good. Skerrun, a Martian princeling, returning from a sojourn on Earth; Sir Henry Routledge, the new governor of the British colony. Professor Golightly, a renowned authority on the red planet. But everyone has a secret. The Perbindesh carries a cargo of conspiracy and intrigue. And not all aboard will live to see Mars…

The game's afoot, and it is the greatest game of all!

Everything Jules Verne should have written.
Everything H.G. Wells could have written.
Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of, but never published -
because it was too fantastic.

Space 1889 - Scientific Romance from Noise Monster Productions

Ivor Danvers as Sir Henry Routledge
Simon Williams as Captain St John Ffolkes
Ian Brooker as Professor Golightly
Jo Castleton as Miss Georgina Golightly
Toby Longworth as Sergeant Carstairs
Kevin Murphy as Doherty
Katarina Olsson as Miss Charlotte Wong
Rupert Wickham as Lieutenant Williams
Tam Williams as Prince Skerrun
Anthony Daniels as Captain Carter
Other parts are played by the members of the cast.

Starting 6th of November

Monday, 13 October 2008

Thank you all

Thank you to all my friends who made for a memorable Rez Day party.

I think it's been a very long time since I've seen that many tinies in Caledon :-)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Rez Day party

Come along and help celebrate my second Rez Day and my second year in Caledon.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Pimping Steelhead

Steelhead Port Harbor is taking prebookings for interested residents.

From the brochure:

Live in Steelhead Port Harbor!

Industrial Steampunk themed sim based on Monterray California 1890's. Drawbridge, working railroad, and beautifully crafted concept builds of the fantasy theme of steampunk will surround you.

Port Harbor is an industrial sim, so railroad and factories with smokestacks will be present.
Many waterfront residential lots are available. Boats are very welcome talk to Lunar to rent a water lot for your vessel, airships are also very welcome over either water or land lots.

The commercial zoned areas are in red on the map are built over an intricate gallery pier (no civic prims count against your lot primcount). We do not have telehubs in Steelhead, so direct teleport is welcome. If you wish to live above your storefront please feel free to do so. Read covenant agreement to find out all rules of the sims.

Tall industrial buildings are encouraged here in Port Harbor, large vessels are encouraged. We can accommodate you, please ask if you have specific needs.

IM TotalLunar Eclipse for rental information. Commercial and Residential lots available. But hurry, these lots may be rented fast.

Another surprise sim

Congratulations to Their Graces Cornelia Rothschild and Karsten Rutledge on the opening of the Duchy of Caledon Teslace.

The Guvnah keeps sneaking in new sims it seems.

Caledon Teslace, west of the coast of Kittiwickshire and now officially the most western point of Caledon (until Atlantis changes it's name).

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Random updates

Last week was Tiny Medieval week in Raglanshire. I was able to pop along briefly but sadly missed out on the jousting.

A purkle Duke

Victoriana is gearing up for the upcoming Oktoberfest. Looks impressive.

Fiendish moustache twirler Dr. Obelonski has revealed his home base. The sim of Clockspire Cove to the south of New Babbage.

I bought myself a new toy. Phase 5 has released an Underwater Runabout. It's got the right feel for a steampunk submarine as well as being more compact than the Steamray. I might have to add a docking port to the Underwater facilities in Argylle.