Sunday, 7 October 2007

Whimsy & masques.

Last week I attended the Caledon Regency sim's Court of Whimsy Ball. I believe lag was specially imported for the evening.

The above photo (one of the few I managed to take) was taken after being in the sim for a good half hour. As you can see some of the textures were still grey. But it was a good night. Some wonderful outfits as far as I could tell.

Then is was time to head over to Steelhead for their monthly masquerade. Sheriff Ortega was unable DJ due RL commitments and I had been asked to provide music instead.

Me & the Missus

Tensai dancing with "The Doctor".

Diamanda Gustafson and Elrik Merlin enjoy some Strauss

Gabrielle and Lunar waltz for a bit

Lumina dances to some of the more contemporary music.

The Decostas twirl for a time before being distracted in their hunt for a coloured moth...

...that was seen flying over head.

And what would Steelhead be if there wasn't something surreal happening? Even if it was after the Ball had actually ended :-)


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Such beautiful pictures....makes me wish that was actually me dancing with Lunar - and I do enjoy your brother-in-law tremendously. Alas I was out of world at the time.

Methinks we have an impostor in our midst, as the woman certainly does look like me from this angle. I think I had better call in an agent or two from MI5 to look into the matter.

Gabrielle Riel said...


Eva and Lunar???

You don't recognize me Edward?

Oh my goodness!!!!


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

I crave pardon ladies and blame sleep deprivation when putting up the entry. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Well.....I suppose that one can be forgiven for mixing up cousins.