Saturday, 30 April 2011

Caledon: 19th Century Victorian Steampunk?

I try not to be too critical of other people's builds. Sure I'll discuss it with my friends but I'm not going to log into group chat and tell you your build sucks. But sometimes there are limits.

Earlier this month the Guvnah of Caledon sent out the following message to all Caledon residents:

..most of us love Caledon dearly, BUUUUT... would love to just tweak the theme ever so little to make it our own!

As you all know, I'm very easy going. But the difference between Caledon and mainland, in no small part, is our common vision. Please, everyone take a look at your builds... I love whimsy, I love daring builds... but ask yourselves... am I helping our theme, or not helping quite so much?



It's good to see that some residents of Victoria City are taking close heed of such requests...

Because glowing blue grass and sparkling mushrooms are now Victorian Steampunk.

Seriously people, if you want to live in an elven forest, move to Avilion, or at the very least Tanglewood. But not in the capital city of Caledon.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Breakfast in Babbage - Pirates!

Back to the Breakfast format!

(Now that everyone has stopped fiddling with their Clocks we can stay on mornings until Daylight Savings starts all over again).

Aaarrrgghh! And furthermore, Scurvey Dogs! Or something of that nature.

Join Edward Pearse at the Clarendon Lab for two hours of musical exploration and scalleywaggery!

8AM to 10AM (that's AM) Saturday 9th of April.

Come along and shake your Booty!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Happy Birthday Seraph City

Tomorrow marks the 1st anniversary of Seraph City. To help start the celebrations the début of "Swing Time at The Seraph Club" with music presenter Gabriel Riel will be held on Saturday the 2nd of April between 7-9pm SLT.

Kit on your best 1920s and 30s attire and join us for both classic and contemporary swingtime. If you can't make it, listen in on Radio Riel Dieselpunk -