Monday, 5 November 2007

Worst Kept Secret in Caledon

Possibly the worst kept secret in Caledon, apart from the Guvnah Shang's Sekret Catgirl Dungeons, was the impending nuptuals of Sir Zenmondo Wormser and the Duchess of Kintyre. Having taken over the position of DJ in the absence of the Duchess of Carntaigh I knew it had changed, but many others in non-official capacities seemed equally well aquainted.

While originally planned as a party to celebrate Sir Zen's one year in Caledon, the wedding reception soon became the predominant point of the party.

Mr. & Mrs. Wormser

Revellers dance the night away.

With Miss Cornelia being a source of light all by herself.

It was for the most part a good night. And while I have thoughts on the lack of manners of voice users, I'll save that for another entry.

Congratulations to the happy couple.