Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Salute to the Troops and a Pre-Thanksgiving Ball

Steelhead's Salute to the Troops started out well. Sadly the morning activities were outside of my timezone but the afternoon activities went well.

The infantry parade consisting of Elizabethan, American Civil War, and Highland regiments. With myself and Maklin Deckard representing the Caledon Highland Regiment.

The troops lined up for inspection.

The Caledon Highland Regiment was awarded second place.

Later in the day the cavalry regiments paraded through the street.

The Caledon Lancers. (Picture courtesy of Loch Avie)

(Picture courtesy of Loch Avie) I had initially ridden through with the Lancers but in a cheeky move I rode back round and changed uniforms to the Carntaigh Cuirassiers, with Mr. Deckard again joining me. I seem to have had a few enquiries about the Cuirassiers this week. I may have to organise a group and start scheduling some events.

Back in Steelhead that evening was the Salute to the Troops Ball. Sadly on arrival my composure was rather taken aback. Rather than the advertised "Veterans Appreciation Event *Honoring Gettysburg, WWI Armistice Day, and All Soldiers From All Eras!" I was greeted me was a plethora of red, white and blue bunting with flags from all branches of the United States Military (including one for an MIA group that I'd never heard of) but NOT ONE SINGLE FLAG FROM ANY COUNTRY FROM ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! Now I know that there are Americans who only know of the existence of other countries because the illegal immigrants obviously come from somewhere else. However if you're going to promote your event as something from "all troops from all eras", then a casual dismissal of "I thought it was for US Veterans' Day" does not suffice. Nor does telling me I'm welcome to put out flags if I want. I realise that the owners of Old Glory were major organisers for the event (and I'm not going to get into the spectre of "American Civil War" vs. "Civil War" again just at the moment) but really people, you need to remember that SL is an international area.

Deciding not to say anything further and thereby keeping my temper I headed to Loch Avie to join the Caledonians for the Social Season's Pre-Thanksgiving Ball.

Here I danced and calmed down somewhat. Her Grace of Loch Avie has collected a far better sampling of pictures than I had the heart for on the night.

I am missing my dear Christine all the more at times like this. Thankfully her travels will bring her back to me this week.


Fuzzball Ortega said...
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emillyorr said...

Also, while granted, I didn't attend, being tied up elsewhere, all the publicity about said event? In none of it was it mentioned to be only an American event. I understood it to be what you understood it to be--a day for support of all military personnel.

Christine McAllister said...

Ah my love....not to worry, I'll be back soon! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The circumstances surrounding the flags at the recent Salute to the Troops Military Ball were my fault and I again will attempt to apologize. There was no slight intended, and I am sorry that some were offended. Second life is an international community and all individuals who have served their respective countries must be honored.

A friend of ours from Germany served as a judge for the parade. In Germany, Armistice or Remembrance Day is unknown. We took this opportunity to share with him our celebration of those individuals whose contribution and service to their respective country has afforded all of us the life and opportunities that we each enjoy.

Again I apologize for any offense for none was intended. This has also given me the chance to further educate myself on the role that so many countries have played in shaping our world community.

Please accept my most sincere apology!

Remington Pinion

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Also Edward you do need to realize that this was an event put together by persons who are number one new to SL and number two, this was their first event.

Im sure someone of your caliber can overlook that slight on their part for the time being. It was done beautifully, and put together as best they could even with lack of experience. Also do not forget that the flags of other nations were proudly displayed around the memorial that you yourself built close to the town hall. It was a fine show.

And as a side note.... my human wasnt even an american citizen when they were enlisted in the marines special forces. I was a POW thank the gods not MIA and although the rememberance does not bring me great joy, it was executed with love and honor and for that I thank them.

Officer first class special black ops infiltration division, ex team leader...


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

Fuzz, I was not taking issue with Steelhead. I was disappointed with the event, not having a go at Steelhead.

Mr. Pinion, I accept your apology. I didn't mean to fly off the handle quite so much, but American culture's lack of recognition of other participant's efforts in conflict is something I've grown up with.

Hopefully any future events like this will be a gateway for broader understanding of contributions of all walks of life.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Not to contribute any further to the conflagration (honestly), but I wonder what an appropriate effort would have been, when you are describing ALL veterans from ALL eras? Should the DeCostas (citizens of Steelhead, I might add!) go back to Ancient Sumeria, or even beyond that to the emergence of professional warrior elites? There's simply no easy way to make a gesture that broad, even in the great playground of Second Life. The issue has a geographic AND chronological dimension that can't be addressed by simply putting out extra flags-- what about veterans from countries that no longer exist, like the Soviet Union or the Balkan States? (a theoretical, I realize; but you could easily go further back in time-- what about Ancient Rome? Greek City States? Sparta?).

Mr. Pennington and The DeCostas' tribute was certainly well intentioned, and quite moving. They only erred (IF they erred, did they?) in perhaps being a tad broad. Their hearts were in the right place.

Just my .02, worth what you paid for it.


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

When putting out the flags for the war memorial I concentrated on WWI. Thus the inclusion of the flags of Prussia and Imperial Russia. I even put in the old version of the Australian flag (not that most Australians could even tell the difference).

Perhaps an event encompassing ALL troops from ALL eras may have been a bit broad, but personally an "appropriate effort" would have included at least a British flag, maybe a Canadian flag, possibly some American civil war flags, maybe even a French flag or an Imperial German one.

I'm glad you, at least, found it appropriate.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

I didn't state any opinion about the appropriateness of the event, one way or the other, I just stated that I found it moving and commented that it would have impossible to cover "ALL servicemen of ALL eras". Frankly, there are veterans from eras that I would personally consider distasteful...

I'm puzzled. If you dislike Americans this much (and you have commented on alleged American cultural ignorance before, let's be honest), then why do you live in a sim themed in the American West?

Not being needlessly provocative, it just puzzles me.


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

You seem to be confusing a dislike of Patriotic jingoism with a dislike for the people who live there. It's possible to have one without the other.

As for why I'm in Steelhead? Mainly because of a certain Canadian. That and it's inhabitants are friendly and it isn't an "Old West" theme that takes itself incredibly seriously, unlike the majority of other Old West sims.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Thank you for the clarification. Your posted comments "Now I know that there are Americans who only know of the existence of other countries because the illegal immigrants obviously come from somewhere else" would indicate you are tarring us all with the same brush simply because we hail from a certain country, and I am relieved to discover you are truly not that intolerant.