Monday, 5 November 2007

*hurk* Sorry. Hairball.

Steelhead was an Ailurophobe's nightmare as twitchy ears, whiskers and tails predominated Friday's dance. Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega spun the tunes and restrained his normally enthusiastic participation in the theme.

Steelhead's resident Neko, brought along an interesting kit that included catnip, moustraps, milk and string.

Lunar, donned claws but was otherwise his usual cuddly fuzzy self.

CeAire Decosta added the catsuit to the concept. Not sure if it was made from real cats though.

My dear wife looking extra cute, dancing with her "bodyguard".

Miss Laval sported more fluffy ears.

Miss Weatherwax to the front, while Fuzz dancing in the background with the Persian Furr Power Dancers

Frau Lowey after getting stuck into the polyjuice potion.

Koen made a public appearance in Steelhead. Must have worked out how to unlock his leash.

Miss Christiansen and her partner.

AzA's outfit was, as always, about the skin.


Fuzzball Ortega said... can a werewolf enthusiastically join in the festivities that is about cats?

Still.....lots of fun and a good turnout. As Steelhead grows, the fun should grow as well.