Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Another one?

Yes ladies and gentlemen it's that time of the month again. Or at least it seems that Caledon is getting a new sim each month.

Morgaine landed on the weekend with the linkup between Penzance and Wellsian now complete.

The floating island hovers over the Strait of Morgaine due to high deposits of Cavorite.

With Morgaine, Caledon reaches its 2 millionth square metre of virtual land. It was only 7 months ago when we reached the 1 millionth with the arrival of Steam Sky City

I've updated my main map accordingly, though I need to finish the update for the Navigational Hazards Map.


Emilly Orr said...

I still need to figure out where it is. Penzance links to Mayfair, I know, not actually that far from where I reside. I know it's not behind me, so it has to be down next to the machinima studios, or next to the theatre on the far side. But I don't think anything's next to the theatre on that side...

Rudolfo Woodget said...

Caledon Morgaine does indeed lie behind the machinima studio, Miss Orr. It links Caledon Penzance wiht Caledon Wellsian. There is a map in the Guvnah's Mansion in Victoria City that shows the location not only of Caledon Morgaine and eight more sims in the pipeline.