Saturday, 29 December 2007

The hussar uniform - finally!

Waaaaaaay back during the SLRFL events there was a little RP called the Neualtenburg War. As part of the activities, our beloved Guvnah commissioned me to create two uniforms for the Caledon Militia. One was the familiar Red tunic, the other was a blue attila favoured by cavalry units.

Earlier pictures may be found in the description of ranks here and in Ordinal Malaprop's recruitment kinoscope.

At the time I had held off putting it on sale until the war was over. But as with many of these things, the war so much as didn't happen as took too long to co-ordinate and people got sick of it and moved on to other things.

However, recent enquiries have lead me to finally finish the uniform in its glory.

Special thanks to Jaeger Edelweiss, former worthy opponent, for assistance with the pelisse.

Disclaimer: Pearse'd & Cut can not be held responsible for swooning, strutting or bravado that may result from the use of this uniform. Horse and Long Weapon not included.