Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Rank insignia recognition

As a helpful reminder for the upcoming Militia wargames I'd like to present a refresher on the rank insignia for the Militia regiments.

Militia light horse uniform (The blue team. Boo Hiss!)

Militia Infantry uniform (The winning er.. Red Team. Huzzah!)


Colour Sergeant

Lieutenant (Note insignia now on uniform collar)



Lieutenant Colonel


There is talk of a lancer regiment and a dragoon regiment being formed. This on top of the Militia regiment, Highland regiment and cuirassier regiments already in existence. Which is exceptional work if you consider for a moment that there is possibly only one trooper among all of them.


Vi Paravane said...

But no Sikh Regiment? :-( (Subgroup of the Gun Bunnies, by the way, since the only trooper is a tiny elephant. :-)

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Scuse me, the Lancers have three... and two more when certain individuals return from vacation!

emillyorr said...

And above and beyond all of that, your skill as a tailor grows by leaps and bounds. I'm so very impressed, Edward.

Amber_Palowakski said...

yes, excellent uniforms. You have outdone yourself again, Sir Edward!

Christine McAllister said...

*fans herself quickly* My dearest, you should really go and put a warning on this post before unsuspecting persons like myself are subjected to you in uniform....repeatedly!!!!! *sighs dreamily*

emillyorr said...

*laughs gently at Christine*

Ah, the love of men in uniform...you are in trouble with your lord husband, then, because he makes uniforms. Bwahahah....