Monday, 17 December 2007

Raising funds in Steelhead

Saturday evening after finishing some RL commitments I was back in Steelhead to help raise some money for the upcoming Steelhead Harbourside

The sim is nearly completed in its prebooking and to help along the finances, the Men of Caledon were put on display as a fundraiser, with the announcement that they'd go topless if the donations reached the L$20,000 mark.

We were shirtless within 20 minutes.

No I'm not sure that it implies that the visiting women were a pack of perverts or that they were overly generous in their funding. Possibly both :-)

Hawc Decosta shows his sash.

Baron Wulfenbach displays some rather garish shorts

Myself and the non-furry Sheriff

My dear wife flashing a bit of thigh

Nice Chest

By the end of the night we had raised over L$75,000 and all sort of people were in all states of undress (including Tensai, who went topless once we reached L$60K, but I'll refrain from publishing the photos).

Great night and great fun and hopefully well on the way to launching the next stage of Steelhead.


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

My good Earl,

'Men of Steelhead', actually - I was, erm, honoured to be included - and I think it was L$15K, but you were correct about it not taking long at all. Considering the tipjar had a lowly L$3 or 4K to start, it was still a speedy amount.

Nota Bene: Make sure to invite Fraulein Burton to any future fundraisers. Poor woman.

Oddly, I have problems ever getting the Decostas to rez for me. However, Frau Low... [doubletakes at picture] Annechen!

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Thank you for not posting photos of Tensai shirtless although I am keeping those for my private collection. Thank you for humbly offering your half naked form in honor of Steelhead.. I'm sure your lovely wife didnt mind one bit she was over by you quite happily enjoying the view.

And yes, poor Eugenia we must invite her to these events more often. :)

Frau Lowey said...

We were horrible to Fraulein Burton, I am afraid, but I have no idea what she has against pi.

And I am afraid I got caught up in the moment, and tossed the clothes into the tip jar - my apologies!
*hides her giggling blush behind her hands*

dedricmauriac said...

Women as a pack of perverts? What an outstanding statement. I have never heard of such a bold and disgraceful comment. :D

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

You haven't? You should really come to Steelhead more often. This is a minor one :-)

dedricmauriac said...

Lol. I think I've been invited there before and joined a group. I talked about open source at one meeting.