Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Harvest Festival events

The scarecrow entries for the harvest festival are in. There was even a last minute ring-in who was waaaay over the prim limits. I think AzA's hair by itself would be more that 30 prims.

Scarecrows in Steelhead.

This evening also saw the first day of the Caledon boat races. Sadly I was unable to make the first sail race due to delays with the Steelhead town meeting, but I was able to attend, and entered the second race of steam.

Some of the onlookers for the races.

Thanks to the Steamray Victory was mine.

With Hotspur O'Toole bringing up second place.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and thank you for the photos, Lord Primbroke. I was so deep in IM windows, sim stats, and trying to get the start line to respond to my chat that I had nary a moment to record the event. Indeed, I neglected to save a chat log with Miss Rau's winning time in the sailing race! I was sorry to leave before the steam race, but plan to see both of today's races (indeed, I may enter the sail race this time). Such are the vagaries of multiple-organizer, multi-time-zone scheduling!

Eladrienne Laval said...

That was indeed a lot of fun and congratulations upon your win!