Thursday, 20 September 2007

Gaels gone Wilde

Saturday night saw the last day of the Harvest Festival with the Highland Fling in Loch Avie. It was an all day even but sadly my time zone prevented my earlier attendance. Further delays occurred when I discovered that the playlist I had put together for the night had not saved as I thought. My good intentions of getting in world a little earlier were taken up by rebuilding the playlist.

I did manage to get in to compete in the open tournament for the Loch Avie Academy of Arms, having watched some spirited competition as I arrived. I took myself out of the first round, having lagged enough to have walked off the edge of the area (and started plummeting to earth) so I didn't think it fair to rejoin after others had already culled the numbers. I competed in the second round though and made it to the final 5 before being cut down.

Sadly I was so busy trying to stave off my attackers I forgot to take photos.

Then I had a mad dash to get Baron Wulfenbach's kilt finished, which I did just as the music handover from the Antiquity Ball went ahead. A rather mad half hour there :-)

Baron Wulfenbach's kilt is the purple one in the centre. To the left is one of the kilts commissioned by Her Grace of Loch Avie for Caln Belambi

Lots of tartans and swinging hips as the crowd enjoys a Scottish themed music selection.

I believe there were about 30 people or so in the sky that night

There was dancing with cabers, haggises, and assorted merriment. I ended up playing for an extra hour past the scheduled time. Great fun was had by all I think.


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I have a few pictures of the fighting - you're in one of them, greyed out, sadly.

Your time on the kilt shows in the quality of the garment. Thank you for working my request in to your schedule. We still have to settle up... and I'd like to discuss some accessories at your convenience.

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...


Buidheachas, mo charaid!

The cielidh was fanstastic. We actually had about 40 people at the max point and the sim held strong! I am blesed to have so many wonderful friends and neighbors to have celebrated the end of the Harvest Festival with me in the finest of Scottish traditions.

Your music was simply perfect. Thank you for taking care of so many of my personal requests as you prepared the play list....and I am sorry that you had to essentially redo that just before the event.

Great fun indeed. And so many tartans! We'll need to do this again soon, I think.