Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Four new Duchies for Caledon

The next four sims for Caledon have arrived.

The Duchy of Cymru, for His Grace Viderian Vollmar

The Duchy of Greystoke, for His Grace Gnarlihotep Abel

The Duchy of Nova Civis Caledon, which I believe will be without a peer.

The Duchy of Kintyre, for her Grace Lavendar Beaumont (with Major Margulis acting as Regent)

According to our dear Guvnah, the collective name for this southernmost landmass is Sculptie Isle


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I had occasion to take a few moments to walk about Sculptie Isle this afternoon, and aside from being a handsome piece of land, it also has a spectacular view of Steam Sky City. I will post the image in my journal's scrapbook soon.

Irrelevant to that island, though, an acquaintance of mine saw one of the photographs of your haggises, and was wondering why the legs were of even length. I told her I'd ask you.

Edward Pearse said...

I suppose that would depend on what she believed haggises should look like. Maybe she's only ever seen battery bread haggises in captivity and not a free range haggis?