Sunday, 1 April 2007

Odds, sods, kilts & dancing

This week has seen some emotions run high. The proposed in invasion of Neualtenburg has seen some hand-wringing in places, poor choices of words have caused me offence in others, and one pompous individual seems to have burnt his bridges to the "destroyed vision" of Caledon. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The Highland regimental uniform was finished. I've already had requests for version for the ladies. I shall see what can be done.

I've also largely completed a redcap AV (inspired by Brian Froud's illustration). This started out as a whim and will come in handy for the fairytale theme of next week's Steelhead formal.

Earlier this week Miss Orr, Miss McAllister and myself went in search of a weapons manufacturer that I had mentioned. Both ladies availed themselves of the free assasins dagger that was on offer. I'm not sure what that says about the types of ladies whos company I keep.

Edward's new spear

Miss Orr's pale fey.

I also pre-empted the invasion plans of Neualtenburg by arriving and planting the Caledon flag next to the main square. It stood for three days before it was removed.

Friday night's dance at Steelhead was an "Under L$100" though sadly I didn't take any photos. Though for some people that may be a good thing :-)

A late night dip in the Steelhead lake with Miss Kelley was rather fun though. Especially watching her after she discovered the nearby catnip bush!

This evening's dance for Steelhead was an "International" theme. Some very fine outfits

Tensai the super bunny

Lady Bardhaven and Mr Abel

Lumina looking very nice

Mr Scaggs in the throes of musical abandon

Her Grace of Loch Avie and Mr O'Toole

Qlippothic Projects sets off the fire alarms again

Lastly while helping to set up for the Caledon ghetto quarter party on the docks, someone mentioned that people might fall into the harbour. I invited Chester to make them think twice about going for a swim.