Monday, 16 April 2007

Friday the 13th Disco, Renn Faires and strange rhythmic rituals

In what might be appropriate to the horror usually inflicted on people at Friday the 13th, Steelhead had a 70's night as its theme for this Friday.

Ah ah ah ah Stayin' Alive, stayin' alive...

Christine and myself as "Finn's Shiney Disco Balls", with the Psychedelic Fuzz underneath.

Psychedelic Fuzz

JeZ's afro had a mind of its own.

Roller Puck

Right On!

Saturday saw the dawning of a complete shift in time and location with the opening of the Renaissance Faire in Carntaigh. Another of the events to help the RFL it was an amusing idea. Mr. Abel and I bantered about if it was a *real* Renn Faire we needed to have Klingons...

Professor Avalanche's Little Sister.

Lavender Beaumont is starting to look like an appetiser to Erasmus Margulis

My beloved Christine sets a fine example by riding side saddle.

Yours truly trying out Professor Avalanche's Catapult Ride

Miss Paris gets a large one...

Oolon Sputnik seems to have been struck down by the tiny virus.

By sheer coincidence Steelhead's theme for their Saturday night formal was "medieval" so we were able to attend without even changing!

Sir Edward and Lady Christine

Tensai and Lunar looking lovely in co-ordinated outfits.

As Christine and I headed back to Davaar we heard a distinctly NON-medieval style of music from across the shore in Carntaigh. What was happening? It seems that Raver Riel was up to her doof again.

Christine gets into the groove.

Dunkin' Duchess. Yes, I'm about to make Her Grace all wet...

Her Grace shakes if for charity.

Giving till it hurts.

The lovely Kate Nicholas, one of the more dressed ladies of the evening.

Their Graces of Carntaigh and Loch Avie and Captain Paris show their remarkable... talents in helping a charitable cause

Last four standing: Miss McElroy, myself, Miss Figaro and Lord Bardhaven