Saturday, 28 April 2007

Walk like an Egyptian

Steelhead City held is Friday dance with an Egyptian theme this week. Cue the Bangles.

Got this Egyptian thing under wraps

My lovely Miss McAllister

Addison and Finn as a couple of Pyramid Scheme sellers

The dark ruler of the Underworld is in the House

Miss JeZ making an asp of herself.

Miss Katt and her disturbingly familiar outfit

Miss Lumina and Mr. Teika

Miss Qli, now somewhat changed after her father's transformation and her "rebirth".

Miss Scully

Miss Tensai, who spent the majority of the night peenching people.

Sadly my time was cut short having to organise things for this evening's Reconciliation Ball. I can't wait :-)


emillyorr said...

Do you know, I'm actually fairly pleased you snapped no images of me--that was quite the scandalous--and revealing!--outfit!

Edward Pearse said...

I was sure I had taken a photo of you, though it seems that when I went to edit them I couldn't find it.

Though that was a wonderful outfit you had on. I for one had no problems with it at all!

Amber_Palowakski said...

*sighs VERY deeply* Yet ONE more event I missed