Monday, 9 April 2007

Ever had that sinking feeling?

Steelhead's theme for its Friday night dance this week was "underwater". It was a novel idea to actually hold the dance at the bottom of the harbour. Sadly jokes about early 80s tax fraud in Australia were lost on most of them.

There was a good crowd with most of the regulars in attendance.

Even Chester came out for a visit

Some interesting outfits, in spite of the abundance of mermaids and dive helmets.

Tensai in her very best Sebastian outfit.

Miss Addison and her horse

My dear Christine, alluring as a sea siren

Miss Emilly, who was preparing for the new SL crash record with a personal best of 32 before retiring that night.

Darien & Chester

Sheriff Ortega with his waterproofed edition of the Dual Audio Beat Emitting Confabulating Oscillation Table.

Miss Lumina's evening winning white mermaid

Miss JeZeBeLe. I'm wondering if death-ray eyed mermaids are similar to laser equipped fricken sharks.

Finn's absorbent attire

Yours truly after remembering too late not to take off his helmet to get a closer look.

Lunar's minimalist look was very effective.

Tensai's dive helmet. Forgetting to make it water tight can be an issue sometimes.

Fabulous night all up.


emillyorr said...

Can I have the photograph of Lunar--

I mean. It was a lovely dance, we should make that a recurrent theme.

And let me never hit 32 crashes in less than a standard day again...