Sunday, 22 April 2007

Caledon Secret Police?

Your humble correspondant was attempting to relax with a good book after having got in a wee bit of air time in the Combat Ornithopter but something I had glanced at from about didn't seem to sit right. Putting aside my book I resolved to retrace my flight as best as I could from the ground and see if I could discover the source.

The rumbling of War have been very quiet of late. No tit for tat byplay with Neualtenburg, no name calling, no gung-ho acts of bravery. Things may even be on the mend.

Or so I thought.

Arriving in the Tamrannock region I noticed some odd activity going on over near Colonel O'Toole's house.

While I'm not sure of the significance of the duck, the chap in the long black coat did seem to be carrying on in a rather agitated manner. Certainly not a Military uniform of any type. No braid, lacework, and a hastily sewn armband.

Closer inpsection seemed to be required but something made me defer the direct approach, believing more could be gained by stealth than bravado.

Sadly the small clockwork deguerrotype was unable to get a well focused shot of the chap in question but the long leather coat and Caledon flag on his arm gives me a feeling that a pernicious group may be trying to infiltrate it's way into in my beloved Caledon.

I have read of the Star Chmabers in the histories of other countries and will not allow Caledon to fall into the hands of Zealots! Caledon is Better than this. We are a Free nation with the respect of liberty.

I must speak with some friend in High(er) places.

But first, a dram.


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Fine work, Mr Pearse. You and I should speak in the very near future. You have my secure line, I believe. I greatly look forward to our conversation.
We may have a place for you at MI 5 if you are so inclined.


Zealot said...

With all do respect my friend...

You may not wish to speak so wild in print. We know where you live...and I would hate for anything to...happen to you, or dear Miss McAllister.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Never fear, Mr. Pearse! If I can ever escape this death fog that surrounds me, I shall lend you all my Vampyric and Fey powers to protect you from any subversives who would think to turn Caledon into anything other than the Free and Independent Commonwealth and Nation that it is! Long live a free Caledon!

Virrginia Tombola said...

Whatever is wrong with Star Chambers, sir? I thought you Royalist in spirit , sartorially if naught elsewise.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Right, then. P-e-a-r-s-e, is it? A somewhat useful individual, with loyalties diveded between Caledon and Steelhead City? Riiiiiiight. (finishing notes). We'll certainly look into it.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Mr. O'Toole, as Caledon's Ambassador to Steelhead, I assure you we are NOt at war with that nation, rather, they are our ally.

Edward Pearse said...

Star Chambers are not purely the perogative of Miss Tombola, and while I am a Royalist at heart I also believer in Noblesse Oblige.

Kaiserin Kendra Bancroft said...

Such odd turns of events in your nation! I should send dispatch at once to my dear friend Governor Shang to see if he is aware of shadowy police flitting about your countryside.

In any event all of Neualtenburg is abuzz with delight over the notion of the Reconcilliation Ball. My cousins, Eva and Gabrielle are a wonder at such things after all is said and done.