Monday, 23 April 2007

Tikis, Rez Days and people

Friday night saw Steelhead move even further West: all the way out to the islands! The theme for the Friday dance was Tiki night.

Cue the bad jokes about getting lai'd and Brady flashbacks:

An Easter Island statue crashes the party.

Group shot

Miss McAllister and myself

Miss Addison & Finn

Lady Elytis and her Booty

Miss Emilly, winner of the lady's attire prize for the night

Mr. Allen, winner of the men's attire prize for the night

Hawaiian Fuzz!


And what Hawaiian themed party would be complete without a Piggy on a spit?

Saturday night we attended Gabrielle Riel's Rez Day party. Sadly I had to miss the toga party being thrown at Steelhead but it was a great night at Coughton Court

The Rez Day Girl herself.

Miss McAllister with myself behind in my kilt and Montrose

Miss Cornelia, who must have had a new set of springs installed as her ticking was heard throughout the hall.

Her Grace of Loch Avie, looking rather stunning in her tartan gown

Mr. Smashcan and his fantastic boots

Miss McElroy, one of Caledon's late night prowlers

Colonel O'Toole finally receives the Duchess sandwich. And thus begins his night of erm... torture.

Gabi also used the evening to launch a new group that I'm happy to have been invited to be a part of: Radio Riel - Real Radio, Your reality.

Radio Riel

At the moment we're looking at providing music around the place, with a look towards hosting some of the various functions as they arrive. I'm looking forward to it!