Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Once Upon a Time....

Saturday evening saw a wonderful theme for Steelhead's formal dance: Fairytales. In a bit of a creative mood I had decided to create my costume for the evening, partly in reaction to the abundance of "cute" fairies that I see around, and partly because I have always been impressed by Mr. Froud's artworks.

The costume was a Redcap. Not a nastier cousin of David-the-gnome as some people have suggested. Mr Goodliffe seemed very much taken with my designs and asked if I was planning on selling him. I honestly hadn't thought about it but I decided to make a gift of the costume to him anyway.

Myself and a rather elfin Miss McAllister dance away.

A rather spectacular collection of costumes was assembled for the night. Some truly amazing displays.

Mr. Goodliffe as the Tin Man

Miss Addison as a Fairytale Princess

And Finn as her Frog Prince

Miss Kiralette's Tinkerbell

Darien's draconic form

And his slightly more humanoid one

Fuzz as the Big Bad Wolf

Miss Elaine as a bunny - just in time for Easter

Miss JeZeBeLe

Lunar as the Fairy OMGodmother

Miss Lumina's pirate

Mr. Priestly's as Puss in Boots

DJ Tensai rocks da house!

Miss Xiandria, who I discovered is actually Steelhead's Mayor

And Miss Emilly's cutesy fairy

Sadly I was called away on urgent business, so I wasn't able to stay for the full night. I believe Miss Xiandria and Finn won the best costume awards for the night.

Upon my return Miss Elda contacted me and asked if I had seen the new Town Hall at New Babbage (or Babbage Square. I can never remember whether that's it's official title or not). I said that I hadn't and we went over for a look. As we were coming out of the basement we noticed what I first thought was another building in New Babbage. It turned out to be Mr. Cosmos working the kinks out of a rather amazing mechanical suit.

To give you an indication of scale, that's myself and Miss Elda at the bottom of the picture.

I attempted to broadcast the image to Miss Emilly, who I thought would appreciate it, but there seemed to be interferance over the aether. When you can't take the mountain to Mohammed...

Miss Emilly confessed that she had never seen New Babbage so we began to show her some of the sights when we stumbled across a small box, which unsurprisingly I hadn't noticed before. This brought looks of bewilderment from Miss Elda and what sounded like squees from Miss Emilly.

Mr Sputnik's Etheric Travel Cabinet.

While I know Mr. Sputnik I have never had the pleasure of visiting his amazing craft. So I stuck my head through the door and sang out "Hullo! Any one home?"

Indeed he was.

The control room on board.

It was a most impressive display and has inspired me to do some decorating of the Eyrie.

Soon we bade our goodbyes and headed home.

A fabulous day I think


emillyorr said...

Yes, in case there was doubt...SQUEEEEEE!

And lovely pictures of the Fairytale dance.

I do think I will visit again, perhaps if Miss Lightfoot is available as well. Oh, she quite looks forward to meeting Miss Elda Luna, by the way.

Kira said...

*puffs up* I still think you look like a cranky cousin to Mr. David. It is very well done, though. :-D Also, you've inspired me to go looking through New Babbage myself, as I've never been there.

Fuzzball_Ortega said...

I think, Sir Edward, that you've learned by now that I was not dressed as the Big Bad Wolf, but, instead, having been born with the LycanGene.

But you must admit, I pretty darn snazzy as a werewolf.