Monday, 26 March 2007

You music Co-ordinator is within the premises

Friday night SLT was my debut as a DJ in SecondLife. I have some years in the past been a real life DJ for a goth club. I had been asking for the opportunity to DJ on of Steelhead's Friday night dances and when the goth theme was suggested for this week I asked if this could be my night.

And what a night.

All started well. I had managed to get most of the distortion out of the music stream so that it only lasted about 10 seconds. Not great but passable until further investigation could be made. Certainly a far cry from the 80% of the song length when I had my first test run.

However the lag in the sim was so bad that people had trouble taking a few steps much less getting into the Stage area from other parts of the sim. After about half an hour of this the Lindens were eventually contacted and organised to restart the sim. This unfortunately took over half an hour again. I had a few people listening directly to the broadcast so I kept it going.

When the sim restarted and people started returning all seemed good. I ended up playing through until 10:30 rather than the scheduled 9, partly because of the sim downtime but also because people were having a great deal of fun.

The only drawback I have at present is that I have to turn off all the sound my end so I don't feedback through the broadcast loop. Annoying but necessary until I change the headphone settings.

DJ Edward using Mr Chaplin's superb Dual Audio Beat Emmitting Confabulating Ocsillation Table. It also seems there may have been some lasting after effects from the vampire bite last week after all.

My dearest Christine, and behind her the wonderful Gabbi Riel - the person ultimately responsible for me being able to DJ.

Miss Scully Weir

The lovely Eva Bellambi, now the new Duchess of Loch Avie

Emilly and Lunar

Fiin & Addison. I think Addison's a not so closeted goth :-)

Miss Nadir and Mr Somme.

Lumina and her date (who's name I don't remember) going against the trend and wearing white.

Darkling Elytis, who was in some sort of orgasmic bliss over my choice of music for most of the night :-)

I'm hoping this will be something I get a chance to do again. I had great fun.


emillyorr said...

Now, now--I was wearing white.

Of course, I wasn't wearing thin thin thin strips of white and not much else, either. Bwaha.

His name is Teika Bates, the one dancing at Lumi's side.

And Miss Darkling wasn't the only one--I adored your selections.

*plots further on how best to tesseract into your computer and raid your music files*

Edward Pearse said...

True, you were wearing white. However you didn't look like you should be on a promo poster for a men's club in LA :-)

I know you liked my music. And I'm glad you did. It was more that Darkling's comments at the time cracked me up. She sounded like she wanted to have my children :-)