Monday, 9 April 2007

Paris 1900

Earlier this week Miss McAllister an I visited Paris. I have been here twice before but still haven't seen a great deal of it. The very first time I tried I encountered a lag stor so severe that I was unable to move past the gate in the Underground station and so eventually gave up.

The second time I visited the Caledon Art Gallery:

It contains some exceptional works by Caledonians and I would highly recommend a look.

This time however not only were the lag winds very low, but I had my dearest Christine with me. Our eyes were drawn to the Moulin Rougue, of which I've heard many stories.

The little black dot you can barely make out on top of the elephant is me.

Inside the elephant is a room scattered with cusions and drapes and a rather unusual smoking device.

Luckily Miss McAllister had seen fit to bring some of her dancing attire.

The main hall was enourmous though. Plenty of room for many people to dance as well as comfortable settings for thos who prefer to watch.

Even a special spot for those who only have eyes for each other.

I shall have to return again some time and make further explorations.