Monday, 30 July 2007

SLRFL comes to a close

After many months of stress, angst, fun, primadonnas, sillyness, hurt feelings, new friendships, creativity and most importantly fund raising, the Second Life Relay For Life has finally come to a close. While I'm very much aware of how bad cancer is, having lost friends to it myself, I think that half a year for a fundraiser has pushed the bounds of patience and tolerance of many people. I also know I'm not the only one who was disappointed that the RFL was only being donated to the American Cancer Society, with no mention of the international groups also part of RFL.

That said, the sims put together for the actual Relay itself showed some impressive builds and imagination:

Part of the Journey to the Centre of the Earth build. Also dubbed "crash mountain" because of the absolutely atrocious lag there.

Breaking through

The fall of the remnants of Atlantis

Stalag Luft III from the movie The Great Escape. An interesting choice for a theme I thought.

The underground tunnels

Gojira (or Godzilla if you prefer) battling Gigan and Mothra.

Interior of the 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea sim. All of this was built by one person I'm told.

Exterior, complete with mermaid.

The towers of New Babbage

The Munchkin Village of Oz (You can just see the feet of the Witch of the East sticking out from under the house to the left)

The witch and one of her flying monkeys.

The Argonath

Minas Tirith

Caledon itself contributed some L$1,297,328 to the fundraising, which equates to almost $5,000 USD. A big congratulations to all who helped out whether through funds, time, the soothing of ruffled feathers or the support of those organising things.



emillyorr said...

Amazing builds, truly amazing.

Will they remain accessible, do you think, for a while? I wasn't able to get in yesterday, and had little time the day before to travel.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

My thoughts exactly. I was away for just about all of the ending of the SLRFL and didn't have a chance to explore these. Very nice pictures, Mr. Pearse.

Eggberta Echegaray said...

Excellent Pics Mr.Pearse! Funny you mentioned the Campsite that was themed after the movie "The Great Escape". Whilst I was walking around the track, I got orbited off the path, and ended up there,I felt like a P.O.W in an WWII internment camp, hehe! Interesting campsite idea indeed! Thanks for taking a pic of it, didn't think anyone else thought it was an interesting idea! :)In RL I'm a big WWII movie fan...thought this was awesome, first of it's kind in SL :)

Amber_Palowakski said...

Indeed, great pictures, Lord Edward. I am growing more and more disappointed my computer gave me fits so bad that I never got to enjoy the entire Relay.