Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Dark Victorian, dark deeds and dark music

After helping Miss Garmes and the other American patriots celebrate their fight for representation on Wednesday, and a well received Comedy Special on Radio Riel on Thursday, I was back into the DJ booth on Saturday for the launch of the Dark Victorian group in Caledon Tanglewood.

The venue was a wonderfully decorated platform high above Tanglewood with snow, gravestones, dead trees and the occasional howl in the background. Very atmospheric.

My own inner demon breaking free for the night I was attired in an ensemble of leather harness and Miss Begonia's new Dark and Dandy outfit, which thankfully was able to cope with the wings. My dear Christine seemed to have developed a rather anaemic complaint earlier in the evening and was looking decidedly pale. And rather pointy in the tooth...

The music was well received with Miss Tombola working out the time zone differences and calling for a further 10 hours worth of tunes to entertain the masses.

And not unexpectedly Caledon's werewolf put in an appearance, as he is want to do whenever there are large numbers of green dots on the map. This time though there was a different ending.

The wolf had captured Miss Paris previously, though had released her unharmed when confronted by the torch wielding mob. Earlier this evening the wolf had dashed through Tanglewood and had caused the death of Miss Artemesia Paine. So far Professor Nishi has proven to be the only witness of the incident but is hardly unbiased in her assessment. She claims it was intentional. However given the wolf's behaviour over the last month I'm highly sceptical.

This however seemed excuse for some people and when he showed his face again later that evening daggers and arrows were waiting for him.

Cut down without trial or question, the two ladies in question seem inordinately proud of having rid Caledon of this "menace", one of whom even admits to not only not having seen the earlier incident, but not even the body of the victim!

Sadly Caledon has proved its mettle and the forces of intolerance hold sway.

I just hope Sheriff Ortega doesn't plan on taking up jogging in Caledon any time soon.


emillyorr said...

I am laughing at the first image...at least I was there, intermittent and interrupted though it was! I heard a shred of lovely dark music, I spoke with various gentles, I stood in place and apologized between crashes...

Ah, well. I shall have to return to my dark brooding manse to darkly brood. And, well, to contemplate changing from said dark stone manse. It's got that large central pillar through it, I'm not pleased. :)

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Pfft.....this is one werewolf who can take care of himself.

Amber_Palowakski said...

Well, I enjoyed the Fashion Show. Sadly, i missed the wolf-slaying, as I would ahve liked to intervene. I miss the old chap, myself, chasing him like a paparrazi for a good piccie (that's all I ever really wanted, anyways). I di catch the ball...it was lagadacious, but the tunes were good. I'm just sorry I didn't get to stay, as rl work had called me away early.