Saturday, 14 July 2007


Disturbing reports reached me even before I had been able to arrive inworld: large meteors had apparent crashed into several places over Caledon. Large metal machines had climbed from their remains and started upon a war of destruction against the populous.

The crash site at Loch Avie.

Two of the aliens hover over Victoria City.

After having destroyed the encampment of the Blue Team in Tanglewood, the aliens were back for more destruction this time attacking the Guvnah's Mansion.

Myself, Major Vollmar, and Lady Amber repelling an attack.

Seeing them off from our beloved capitol they seemed to have discovered our teleport system and I received urgent reports that Eyre was under attack!

Colonel Somme and myself take up rooftop positions above the carriage house in Eyre. I found the chicken canon to be more effective that the rifle. I'm not sure how effective Colonel Somme's gun was but it looked impressive.

Lt. Colonel O'Toole managed to join us and sported his new steam-powered skyboard.

The hideous beastie flies at us to attack.

During this time several people were injured by what we can only assume was a heat ray or laser of some sort from the aliens. We repelled the attack and shifted the injured into hospital, only to receive fresh reports they had been sighted in Tamrannock.

Here I took to the skies trying to tackle them head on.

Not long after this I was brought low by a heat ray to the ornithopter. Thankfully my left arm withstood much of the damage and I only suffered burns to my leg.

Thankfully the Militia and other Caledonians were able to see off this invading menace. I believe we have the wreckage on on of the alien's crafts. We'll have to see what we can make of it.


Amber_Palowakski said...

I myself had two horses shot out from under me, as well as a serious gash wound to the right leg, a broken left arm, and numerous minor wounds. It was a rough night