Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Red Baron

OMG Squee!!!!

Ahem. Sorry.

Please do take the time to examine the latest promotional reel for an upcoming kinoscope called The Red Baron. And while the reel has no dialogue and I have no idea if the plot will be at all serviceable, the planes look absofrickenlutely AMAZING!

Link here

Thanks to Jaeger Edelweiss for the heads up.


Virrginia Tombola said...

Oh who cares about the plot? I mean, it can hardly be less silly than Hell's Angels was, and that was worth a view (if only for the shot of the zepplin coming out of the clouds!)

It looks as if there is some real aircraft footage mixed in there, but truly, it is hard to tell where CG begins and ends (save for a few "Star Wars" moments with the roll rate and excessively explosive collisions)

But, the heart was racing watching all of that! Makes me want to make an Albatros, it does