Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Aaarrggghhh (and other pirate clichés)

Caledon's Duchy of Carntaigh saw a return of all the pirates and smugglers we had managed to drive out of the Cay.

But it did answer the age old question about what is to be done with inebriated maratime travellers:

They have a large party!

The HGS Skurvy Dog perhaps

Hello Kitty Pirate? Of Course!

Roger the Cabin Boy

A pirate's chest

Phantoms or cheap drink?

Able seaman Lightfoot

Me with polly

Even had Daleks turning up to the thing! After which there were many salvos fired to get rid of them.

Pirates in Lurve

And we finished the evening off in Steelhead at the Masquerade with piracy of a slightly different kind.

And by that stage I was actually ready for some time off for the week.