Friday, 31 August 2007

Caledon expands again!

This week saw the addition of 5 new sims to the Caledon family. Making a total of 24 sims (with yet more on the way!) I don't know where the Guvnah finds the time or the energy.

Caledon Stormhold. Inspired by the novel Stardust by Neil Gaiman, though not based on it. Soon to be home to teaming masses.

Caledon Sound, home to Her Grace Carricre Wind.

Caledon Speirling. Home of the Marquessates of East and West Speirling. For those keeping track of titles we now have Darkling Elytis, The Marchioness of West Speirling, and Kirawill Collingwood, The Marchioness of East Speirling. (Lady Speirling is gentler on the tongue than "Lady East Speirling" I think).

The new home of Gloire Thibaud, Her Grace The Duchess of Middlesea.

And finally we have a Duke in Caledon. Otenth Paderborn, His Grace the Duke of Murdann


emillyorr said...

Yay we have a Duke!

No, I don't know where he gets the time either.

But wau. Caledon's expanding by leaps and bounds. Maybe there's something to that takeover-of-the-grid rumor I keep hearing...

ëarendil said...

oh, five new sims, so much... it seems that sims are growing like flowers on springtime... This is a good news, more land to wander and meet people.
Thanks for the photos :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I *suppose* I'll have to begin considering what form a Duke sandwich should take.

I'm very glad to see that you, as do I, prefer the English term "Marchioness." I am not sanguine, however, that the holders themselves will prefer it. :-)

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Welcome to all the new Peers and congratulations on your beautiful new homelands.

A Duke Sandwich, eh? Hmmmmm.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

From the comments I heard - as I had the fortune to be standing on the Map when the Sculptie Isles were changed to the Speirling Isles - the ladies preferred the balance of Marquis/Marquise to the Anglicised versions of the titles.

There was also some hasty access to reference materials to ensure the Marquises would have the correct forms of address. The address of a Marquise Sandwich is another matter.

(Nobody wanted to 'squish' either 'Caledon' or 'SpeirlingIsles' to get the name to fit, so 'Isles' is implied.)

Edward Pearse said...

I've spoken with the Marchioness of West Speirling and there is room for manoeuvring. According to her the reason they chose Marquise was because most people they asked didn't know what a Marchioness was. Pedant that I am I prefer to teach people the correct version rather than give them something easy.

But since myself and His Grace of Murdann will be using the British version we may get a little more education happening in Caledon. The number of people who still address Knights and Dames with their surnames is astonishing.

the Lady Darkling said...

Thank you, Lord Primbroke, for the welcome. I do hope the revelries enjoyed thus far are only a beginning to the maritime joy now added to our shores.
Aye indeed, Baron, we do prefer Marquise, and Lord BardHaven has expressed his preference for Marquis.
However, I personally am pleased to respond to Marquise or Marchioness, and the Lady of East Speirling Isle is pleased to respond to Marquise or Marquesa.
We of the Speirling Isles are not seeking to reproduce the traditions of the past to the letter, but to incorporate them into our unique Caledonian SLives. I do hope our decision for variation leads to education and playfulness both. /smiles, eyes sparkling/
In regards to the culinary choices which we prefer, I invite one and all to make our acquaintances and discover the unique dishes prepared throughout Caledon. Most of those originating from the Speirling Isles are done so with knives and often fire, so you may or may not find them to your liking. /winks/

Amber_Palowakski said...

All this growth is so exciting. And I am pleased to see the new titled. Congratulations to them all!

Edward Pearse said...

Well if Lord Bardhaven is a Marquis you are obviously going outside the traditions of ALL historical models (not just the British ones)
as a husband does not received a complimentary rank related to hi wife, only the other way around :-)

Darkling Elytis said...

/smiles and raises a glass in toast to new traditions!/

After a wee bit more poking online, I found a few references to marquis/e being used not only in Scotland but in England itself. (most notably in the page you link, "Correct Forms of Address".

Of course, this is Caledon.

I must note here, Lord Primbroke, that when you invited me to hear you pronounce "marchioness", it was to invite me to a WeirdAl Yankovic music marathon being DJ'd by yourself and held at the Guvnah's mansion in VictoriaCity. I never did get to hear you say it, perhaps 'twas drowned out by the sound of your accordion.

/coughs delicately into her black lace handkerchief and smiles/

Elrik Merlin said...


I would wish to extend my Congratulations to all inhabitants of the New Lands. Caledon is surely becoming even more beautiful as it is becoming greater in expanse. I am looking forward to becoming the holder of an Estate in this fair land myself in due course.

Many thanks also to Our Guvnah for his sterling work. Huzzah!

On the subject of terms of address, while I do have a personal liking, due to heritage, of the term "Marchioness", I do believe that in making allowance for their holders to vary the terminology somewhat, we ensure a more lively environment in which to conduct our affairs. Thus we should perhaps allow a degree of personal choice in the exact designation of the titles concerned.

I remain, your obedient servant, Elrik Merlin, Esq.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

To add to this topic, Sir Hotspur's sharp eyes have spotted Cymru having arisen from the waves SW of SteamSky City!

The isle cannot be seen from the city, nor the city from the isle, however - I flew there by rocket-pack assist to look it over as soon as I read his notes. It has a pleasant shape, except for the sharp drop on its eastern border, but is exceedingly bare as yet.

emillyorr said...

And more sims and more sims and more....

(And my brain is still saying AAAAAAAH. It won't stop. Can't believe I'm on a waiting list for a parcel of future Caledon....)