Saturday, 11 August 2007

A Gentleman's Duel

Back in January I mentioned a trailer for an upcoming short film to watch out for.

Thankfully for those of us unable to attend short film festivals in the US, this 8 minute short is now available via Youtube. Enjoy while it lasts.


Burton Newall, ME, FRCSE said...

Did ANY of you gentle people happen to snag a copy of that thing? It's already been taken down! Drat!

I would be eternally grateful to anyone who had the presence of mind to convert the thing to a QuickTime or AVI file. Please, do contact me if you have done so!

best regards,


Edward Pearse said...

Sadly I was unsuccessful in downloading the file myself as I posted the link.

I shall continue looking for a copy.

Eladrienne Laval said...

I'm glad that I got a chance to catch it! Very funny. Reminded me of some folks that I know...