Monday, 22 October 2012

New Babbage Travelogue: Wheatstone Waterways

Wheatstone Waterways was the 7th sim to land in New Babbage, though both the original Academy of Industry (later moved and renamed Clockspire Cove) sim later disappeared beneath the waves, branding the New Babbage sim with the nickname of No.7.

Named after Sir Charles Wheatstone, a pioneer in telegraphy, electricity and acoustics, it continues the canal theme of Babbage.

Oddson Brewing Company

An "Abandonded" Factory and secret home of the Sneaky Vole, a Babbage pub.

Oakwood Laboratories

Ada Lovelace Memorial Park

Closer view of the inventors' wall.

Home to Mssrs. Leominster & Oyen, the brains behind Oakwood Labs

Steamweaver airship works. Sadly due for the wrecking ball.

Lighthouse Landing, home to Sir Sir Emerson Lighthouse

Miss Bookworm Hienrich's abode

Olde Doc Emerson's Factory Outlet
Triapsis, home to Miss Alba Luna

Home to Miss Phaedra Byrne

The inworld offices of the Steampunk Tribune

Langdon Gardens, home to Mark Twain's cabin (and Dickens's pier)

Dickens' Home for Homeless Kittens

Piermont Landing. Home to monthly balls.

The Lone Panda

Steamweaver Transportation. An import/export hub.

Miss Flocke Galli's Herbarium and Workshop

The Mariner's Revenge. Another of New Babbage's pubs.
The New Babbage Asylum. The bells toll every half hour. Coz that always helps people on the edge of sanity...

Collection cart for Asylum inmates. Again, I don't think they're getting the whole *soothing rehabilitation* thing

Small worker's cottage behind Rogue Trading Co.

The Rogue Trading Company

Miss Knowledge Tomorrow's home.

Looking west on Stora Canal