Thursday, 4 October 2012

Babbage Travelogue: Babbage Canals

This instalment looks at the Babbage Canals sim. This sim was the second expansion of New Babbage, largely envisioned as a variant of Venice, that idea has mostly fallen by the wayside since the sim started.
The Brunel Railway looking south into the Canals

Miss Kenna's Garden of Aether

 Janus Industries Outlet.

The Church of the Builder. Home to New Babbage's brotherhood of builders and hammerers.

 S&M Imports

The Steampunk Hotel

Café de Paris

 New Babbage's oldest cemetery. Only a couple of graves but still there

Voom Electric Trust

Capability Mews

The newest addition to Babbage: the Canal Taxi. Running (at this stage) from Piermont Landing to the Town Hall.

 Rumour has it Miss Canolli Capalini has a nice chest. Here's proof!

Miss Kenna's building. Still under construction

Steamweaver Shipworks.

 Steampunk Park. There's layers of history buried under here despite it's calm look.

The sea gate on the end of the Stora Canal. This stops the tide and the Dark Mers coming in.

 Highfield. Home to Mr. Draken.

The Veitch Greenhouse. Named after the famous 19th century British nursery.

 The R.F. Burton Memorial Library. Part of the Alexandrian Free Library.

 Mr. Paul's Lighthouse. Technically in the Vernian Sea

Ruby's Pub and Dagger Art Gallery.

Fonzerelli Docks. Named for Salazar Jack's Grandmother.

Bow Street Station and the Merryman of Babbage.

Atelier Furniture