Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New Babbage Travelogue: New Babbage

For many years the lack of an actual sim called "New Babbage" had waylaid curious travellers who had heard of this sims but had not been fortunate enough to get themselves a landmark. With the arrival of the sim called "New Babbage" this helped to bring in the more spontaneous traveller.

The new bridge running over the new canal. Maybe this will be called New Bridge, like the various 400 year old ones in Europe :-)

Clank Trader Cog Factory

Greg Merryman's smelter

Ahab's Revenge Whale Oil and Ahab's Bane Tavern

Clank Trader Exports & Prim Storage, Mr. Broono's residence.

Kaylee Faulkner's whimsical building.

Huge smokstack

Side view of the Hawksley Pumping Station

The Conservatory end of Radio Riel's Clarendon

Radio Riel broadcast tower

Offshore pump in Iron Bay

Rosehaven Recipes and Tearooms

Codswallop Seafood, maker of the best Fish & Chips in New Babbage.

Eaton & Drynkin groceries and the New Babbage Tobacconists next door

Jed Dagger's factory warehouse and home of Mei Yao Wok

Burbon-Conde House

BS Hoof & Horn Fertilizer

Greg Merryman's memorial

The Bucket of Blood Public House

R.B.'s Butchers.

Professor Parx's welcoming front gate

Sonnerstein House

Miss Faraday's house

Lemony Snicket House

Amber Ilsker's house on the cliff. Or at least, as it was when I took the photo. It seems to change more often than Victor updates parts of Brunel Hall.

The Oldbridge cottage

Oldbridge Cliffs