Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A very busy week

This week had been very full for me.

Saturday was the Doctor Who Podshock party at the Doctor Who Experience sim of Katrina - the oldest Doctor Who sim in SL.

Yours truly playing in front of the burning wreck of the TARDIS - last seen hurtling out of control at the End of Time.

A selection of visitors to the party.
(Thanks to Nat Merrit for the photos)

I had a great time and have discovered Trock as a result of some suggestions given to me beforehand. Some very good stuff out there.

Sunday I was back in New Babbage as the guest speaker for this month's Salon.

(Thanks to Bookworm Hienrichs for the pictures)
Despite having a sim crash that took me and half the attendees with it, it went well. I seemed to answer a few "back of the mind" questions that people had about buttons and things. Sadly my knowledge of Bohemian lifestyles is not up to lengthy discussion.

And today was the Big Brass Balls at SteamSky City.

It's been ages since I played here but it was nice to meet some new people as well as have some of the familiar ones turn up as well.


Fogwoman Gray said...

My sincerest thanks for playing the Big Brass Balls! I was so terribly sorry to miss it due to several converging AFK crises. I hope it is not nearly so long until we see you there again.