Saturday, 13 February 2010

Farewell Edison.


The tea chests and moving crates are littered through the house. Mr. Giles and Mr. Gears and tackling the heavier stuff while Christine and Nell are wrapping ornaments and packing them into straw and boxes.

We moved to Edison in May when the realities of finance were faced and giving up the quarter sim in Rothesay was the only practical option. True we didn't move into a bedsit in Edison but it was still sad. This time however the choice has not been ours.

Edison will cease to exist and the sim itself will be reborn as another part of New Toulouse. While we have some friends there, including its owner, NT was never a sim that had any pull for me. Gators and swamps, zombies, and worst of all, NO WINTER! We were offered a spot in the forthcoming Jardin sim based on the Garden district of New Orleans. Historically this area tried very hard to break away from the French architecture and styles and move towards a more Anglicised look. It might have worked, but I felt I would be like some of the people in Caledon or Steelhead who had a house there because it was cheap, not because they had any particular affinity for the sim.

So we're currently passing notes and looking at options but New Babbage may become not just a work and social destination, but home as well. I wonder if the sootites are ready for Christine's spit, polish and elbow grease? :-)

Either gentlemen with no necks and large knuckles may start visiting people in Wheatstone to make them *offers* or there may be one or two *disappearances* in the Palisades.

Either way they will have nothing to do with me.


Abby Rogers said...

I see from your profile that you are interested in Scotland! Have you checked out my blog yet?

I post photographs of glorious vistas and interesting tidbits of Great Britain for the pleasure of Scotophiles everywhere! There’s also something special every Wednesday…. Have a look, maybe you’ll join the ever-growing list of followers!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Change is always difficult, Your Grace, particularly coming so soon after you and the Duchess left Rothesay. New Babbage, however...hardly the quiet life in that little corner of the world!

Breezy Carver said...

awww Hugss all the best to YOU and YOURS dear Edward I am so sorry .. YOU loved that build ..
New Babbage will be most lucky to have more of YOU Both Sir !!!