Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Doctor Who Podshock Party Spring 2010

Join us on Saturday, 20th of February when we all come together once again for a Gallifreyan Embassy/Doctor Who: Podshock virtual meet up!


Starting at 1pm SLT Victor1st will be giving demonstrations of the TARDIS console. There are various Doctor Who and Torchwood simulations which many had not seen last time because they did not want to leave the party. So before party begins, you now will have a chance to check out the various incarnations of the TARDIS console room, peruse the virtual Doctor Who museum, and more. Perhaps even visit the Torchwood Hub.

Then at 3pm to 6pm SLT yours truly will mix the tunes for another fun party. I've been digging into the archives of Doctor Who music and by the gods there's some scary stuff! Fear Not though, I won't be subjecting you to all of it. There's some more boppy tunes to get your TARDIS tapping and your Daleks dancing.

See you there!