Sunday, 29 March 2009

The New Babbage Oiling Festival winds up

Bewteen tartan selections, Naval Ensigns, Foot Bridges, "Big Honking Machines" and the slow but steady naming of Streets, New Babbage is certainly moving itself quite well.

Industry marches on!


Ceejay Writer said...

It was the grandest week EVER!

The Big Honking Machines especially touched my heart... and those little steampunk ducks, oh so rusty and cuddly!

I do love the annual Oiling Festival. And thoughts are already flying ahead to next year's fun!

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Gives you 12 months to choreograph a burlesque interpretation of Laws of Thermodynamics for next year :-)

Ceejay Writer said...

Hmmm. Now that would be interesting... *ponders*