Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sunndale SL

Some time ago I remember being told that there was a Sunnydale sim on the grid. Having been a long time fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I finally managed to find time to have a look. My reaction is... mixed.

Sunnydale High School - hangout to insect teachers, werewolves, witches and the occasional vampire.

Including its (in)famous School Library.

Under the school are some sewer tunnels and a nice large room with a pentacle on it.

1630 Revello Drive

The Bronze

The sim suffers from a small problem though. The school building is restricted to group access only. The teleporter with the red dots under the Welcome Centre sign is just inside the restricted zone, rendering it unusable to non-members. Additionally flying has been turned off for nearly all of the sim. Thankfully I found a spot where it wasn't turned off allowing me to reach some of the other builds.

Wolfram & Hart

Spike's crypt

The upper levels of the sim house things like Angel's Mansion, the Factory, some warehouses, as well as Willy's Place and a cemetery. None of which you can see unless you manage to find a way to fly up.

Overall, the sim is good, though it could still be improved with some some trees and grass here and there. I don't know how long the sim has been going but I had expected something a little more than this.

Sunnydale SL