Monday, 9 March 2009

Air Pirates in New Babbage!

Word got out this evening that some uninvited guests were leaving presents behind in New Babbage, but not the sort we really wanted.

The Airship with Master Jimmy and Miss Myrtil following close by (photo from Miss Myrtil's blog)

The Pirates get defensive! (photo from Miss Myrtil's blog)

Time for a counter attack

While they were hovering over the Vernian Sea I managed to get over the top of the airship and attach one of my incendiary devices to the top. With expected results.

The Pirates swam for it and were eventually cornered in the Port.

Miss Burton was nearby and collapsed in pain, saying she was hearing a high pitched noise. Mr. Tenk had also been complaining of a noise. I couldn't hear anything myself. Assisting them off to better care I left the care of the pirates to the other Babbagites.

Afterwards it was discovered that Miss Myrtil's bakery, standing opposite my own shop had been destroyed (and her Aunt killed but she seems rather relieved about that bit). Suspiciously the devices left by the pirates are the same as the device that crashed into my shop and caused the damage.

Knowing of Miss Burton's magical heritage and having suspicions of Mr. Tenk's for some time (I don't buy his story that he got caught a mechanical rice picker as a child) it seems that the new devices have the similar anti-magic effect of the earlier device.

Doctor Obolensky is the obvious culprit but he's claiming he can't be held responsible for other people using his equipment.


Genie Burton said...

You were my hero! I truly think I would have perished had you not carried me away to safety.