Sunday, 1 March 2009

Full Steam ahead in New Babbage

At the start of this year New Babbage's founder and Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket announced he was selling up and moving on. Once the elections were finally out of the way and Mr. Tenk took over the reigns as new Mayor, much shuffling and shifting has been done.

The public transport system is up and running.

Christine and I take a ride on one of New Babbage's trams.

The Babbage Canals have been relined and many of the infrastructure prims have been replaced. Plans are also under way for a new Town Hall.

But most impressively a new sim is in the works.

Three sims by the look. Though I only one is open for booking at this stage.

In a surprise move the new sim will be called New Babbage (since there isn't actually a sim of that name as yet). The row of red dots will be the site of a new Radio Riel office and broadcast tower. What fiendish monster will be climbing it to their doom?

To the north of the new sim is a proposed layout for Brunel Heights, an idea that had been floated about as something for large mansions and a little more green.

Taking up the space where the old Babbage Academy once stood looks to be the "Old Quarter". Obviously general ideas have been discussed but I'm wondering if it will be the remains of an old fortress or something. Build theme would be interesting. The idea of retrofitting the steampunk history into a backstory reminiscent of the English Civil Wars could be intriguing. Cromwell's Ironsides just became even more of a worry.