Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Post New Year's Tinies and Breaking a Sim

Now that the boxes and shiny paper had been found to be more entertaining than the toys contained within, Steelhead's Friday dance saw the tiny denizens arrive to Hoo and Riverdance to their heart's content. Managed to even get the Jägers worried.

Assorted tinies, fungi, Jägers, and the Odd Werewolf. My dear wife elected to wear her "tiny skirt".

On Sunday night, Her Grace of Loch Avie held an impromptu party. Her parting quote was "We'll show them abusive use of open sims! Ha!"

And we did.

First there were sheep

Then the Gideons launched their Bible Bazookas

And Daleks and Salmon and 'splosions!

But we didn't manage to crash the sim. :-(


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Sir Edward,

I was in the middle of twisting a scripted glowing megaprim when it slipped from my grasp. I should have remembered to load a 4096px texture for it....

And we still didn't crash the sim.



Doktor Sweetwater said...

Dot really voz ha goot night! Goot fon indeed!

Hy didn't know der Gideonz het bible gonz too. Hy thought hy voz de only von shootink de biblez.