Friday, 2 January 2009

DJ awesomeness

The last week of 2008 has been a fun one musically. Last Saturday the Presenters of Radio Riel got together for a "Battle of the DJs". Miss Emilly has detailed playlists and even found accompanying youtube examples here.

Radio Riel staff and friends.

On NYE itself I had been asked to rake the JLU party through to midnight after the bands had finished. I lined up a few dancy tracks for the half hour beforehand and once the New Year had run in I just started playing random things. Of course being in Steelhead and already having a high weird quotient the requests started getting odd.

After being asked if I had the theme for Buckaroo Banzai and being able to say yes, and know which track was meant, Myfanwy Davies proclaimed me "Awesomest" and bowed to my DJ skills. I didn't notice until I was actually talking on air which cracked me up completely.

Miss Davies as the pink fairy and myself as the Lord of Dreams

Let's hope the last of the "naughties" is better than the previous year.